20 Top Ideas To Save Few Bucks For Your Big Day

weddingYou would always want your big day to be a remarkable one. It is meant to be a picture perfect day for you. However, over the years there has been a remarkable rise in the expenses related to your wedding. It is has been noticed that due to these expenses, many citizens have ended up in debt. To keep this financial condition at bay, there are few steps that you need to adopt.

1. It is important to set a budget at the onset of the planning process. Research the cost of gowns, venues, flowers which are an integral part of your big day. Based on these findings, you need to set a realistic budget.

2. A thorough research of the deals on the wedding attire can save you a considerable amount of money. Often designers offer wedding dresses at discounted and rebated prices and you can also go for the sample sales.

3. You can cut short your expenditure by having only one bridesmaid rather than a team or so. Instead, you can include your family and friends for readings and other activities so that they also feel included.

4. Engagement and wedding rings are the expensive part of your big day. You can choose a family heirloom as it can save your money and also has emotional value attached to the same. If you intend to buy a diamond ring, then check the gem and also insure the ring.

5. Choosing the day of your wedding is also important. Charges of the venue during the weekdays are less than that of the weekends. You can also set the wedding date in the off seasons as there is less competition of date, as you can negotiate more in these periods. If you want to save money then avoid Saturday weddings totally.

6. You can have the ceremony as well as the reception in the same venue as it will help you the transportation charges. Skip your home as wedding venue as you need to hire tents, chairs and tables that can shoot up the price.

7. Food is another area, where you need to curtail the prices. Compare the cost of the buffet and plated meals and then decide the menu. If you do not want to pay extra for the food, then make sure that you have the final guest list and then decide the quantity of food.

8. Preparation of the guest list is also important, especially considering the cost per person. Invite those who are close to you and are in regular touch. While inviting the plus ones make sure that you know then well rather than a distant friend or relative.

9. Wedding cakes often cost fortune so you can have a decorative cake to be cut for the guests and another flat cake to serve the guests. You can shop for the prices of these cakes from a local bakery.

10. Alcohol often turns to be a costly affair in the weddings, so you can include a signature drink or cocktail to curb your expenses.

11. Personalized napkins, table decorations, chair backs and other personalized items are often included in the wedding, but you can do without it.

12. Rather than the community halls for your reception, you can opt for the hotels that offer all-inclusive deals that come at a competitive rate.

13. You can check out different sites and blogs top get inspiration for the invitation cards. Sending online invitations and using envelopes of standard sizes saves the postage charges.

14. To save few dollars on place cards. You can mention the name of the guest on the favor and place it in the assigned place. Preparing edible favors at home is also appreciated by the guest and also is a less Burden to your pocket.

15. You can avail the discounted products of the departmental stores or the beauty schools to save on the bridal makeup.

16. Wedding photographers also have packages depending on the hours they work. You can decide on the number of photographs that you need, and then contact these professionals.

17. Flowers are an integral part of wedding ceremonies. You can go for the seasonal flowers, or use the same variety of flowers for the centerpiece. Also, you can make the wedding flowers work twice.

18. Arriving at the venue in style is something that you will crave for. You can hire a sports car or a vintage car as per the theme of your wedding.

19. Personalize the wedding with the collection of your favorite songs. Connect the sound system of the venue with the device playing the popular number, and let your guests dance to the tune.

20. Lastly your honeymoon, while planning your wedding does not forget to plan the same. You can opt for the discounts provide by the tour operators. You can also go through the websites that have a list of destination that can be covered at competitive rates.
These are few simple steps that can help you reduce the expenditures related to your wedding. Planning and thorough research are the key to saving money.

Author Bio: Andrew Hoffman is a credit counselor and here he has enlisted the steps through which you can save money for your wedding. Many of his clients have ended up in big debts due to high expenses in the wedding. He has helped many of them with debt consolidation.


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