3 Beautiful Luxury Bracelets for your Big Day

Getting married is undoubtedly one of the biggest days in any woman’s life and it goes without saying that all eyes will be on the bride on her big day.

With this in mind, her mind will invariably wonder to many different aspects of her wardrobe prior to making the walk down the aisle.

It goes without saying that the wedding dress is the main consideration but, after this, it will be the choice of wedding jewellery that will often preoccupy the bride-to-be the most. It is a big consideration and it is important to choose items that complement the choice of dress.

This may seem easy but it takes some doing and most brides tend to adopt the ‘less is more’ when it comes to their wedding jewellery – such as an eye catching necklace and sophisticated and elegant bracelet.

Speaking of bracelets, let’s take a look at 3 beautiful bracelets which will add more than a splash of elegance to the bride’s outfit:

18ct Yellow Gold Diamond Double Linked Circular Bracelet
Price –
£300 Approx

The sense of union with this linked bracelet makes it the perfect piece of wedding jewellery for your big day. Boasts 18 breath taking cut diamonds and an 18ct gold bracelet.

18ct Gold Full Multi-Gem Cabochon Bracelet
Price –
£500 Approx

This beautiful luxury bracelet will be ideal for autumnal weddings due to the distinctive hues it boasts. The stunning natural gemstones of this piece will be beautifully offset by the bride’s choice of wedding dress for her big day.

18ct Gold Vermeil Red Agate Bracelet
Price –
£70 Approx

A spectacular hand-made luxury bracelet that consists of an 18ct gold chain and red agate gemstone that makes for an eye-catching accessory for any bride. It oozes luxury and sophistication and in terms of price, it is great value for money – online jewellery doesn’t come much better than this!


All images used with permission of www.tomassa.com.

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