3 Maternity Fashion Ideas

Having a baby is a wonderful time, full of ups and downs that create a very exciting journey. As our bodies go through steady but dramatic changes, we can sometimes feel unsure of how to dress our new figure in the best way. Here are a few fashion tips to update your wardrobe as your pregnancy moves along and your new bundle of joy inches closer to entering the world.

  1. Fitted Jersey Dresses

Maternity doesn’t have to equal frumpy! If anything, your pregnancy is the one time that you can feel the most confident about your curves, so why not emphasise them? Those fitted jersey dresses that have been sitting in your wardrobe can finally get some loving as you flaunt your special new figure.

  1. Specialised Maternity Pieces

Plenty of companies have invested in making our maternity time easier to get through, so be sure to take advantage of what they have to offer. Your wardrobe will be flexible with a Belly Band that fits over your tummy and covers the unlocked waistband, button or zip that will no longer fasten. If you’re planning to have more than one baby in the future, it’s also a good idea to invest in breastfeeding dresses that are wonderfully stylish as well as easy to handle a breastfeeding baby with.

  1. Emphasise the Empire Line

Emphasising the area under the bust known as the empire line is extremely flattering on pregnant women. It’s also comfortable too as it supports your growing bust and highlights your curves in all the right places. This is maternity wear that won’t be wasted either as you can always wear empire line dresses that flow over your waist after you’ve had your baby. Be sure not to ditch your old wardrobe as there are plenty of pieces in there that can be adapted to your new shape. Take shapeless dresses and shirts and tie them in at your empire line with a belt or tie a crop top or tank over your bust to emphasise your empire line in new and stylish ways.

Being pregnant and having a baby is a joyful time that you, your partner and your family and friends should enjoy. The happier and more confident you are in yourself, the more positive your pregnancy will be. So bear in mind these few tips when dressing for the new stage in your life and you’ll be sure to shine.

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