5 Areas You Can Save Money at Your Wedding

Weddings have become an extraordinarily costly affair. Many people go into them expecting to spend thousands. The average cost of a wedding in the United States in 2014 was $25,200. If your parents are floating the bill you may not be as concerned; but what if you and your fiance have to pay the full amount? You may be looking for a few ways to save some cash on your big day. Included here are a few places you can subtly cut a corner and save a little money on the happiest day of your life.


This can be where most of your wedding budget is burnt up. By cutting down on your guest list you can save hugely on the reception cost. By holding your wedding in the off-season you can save thousands of dollars. Strive to have the reception in the same location as the service; you will save on travel costs for everyone and time spent paying your vendors hourly wages. Hold your wedding on a day that is not a Saturday, and save a lot of money. Make your tables smaller so you have fewer centerpieces.


Only send a one page wedding invite so you can save on postage and not spend extra time with other printouts. By emailing your save-the-dates you can let everyone know about the wedding without having all the extra postage and time spent. If you are crafty and choose to make your invites yourself, you can save large amounts of money.

Food & Drink

There are many ways to save money on your food costs. This is one area where cutting back your guest list can benefit you hugely. You also may choose to skip having full entrees and just offer appetizers and drinks. By choosing wine, beer and one signature cocktail, instead of a full bar, you will save hundreds. Instead of offering multiple entrees, you can simply choose two and keep things minimalistic.


Choose flowers that are less expensive, some varieties of peony can cost 5 times more than roses. Use more greenery in your bouquets and choose only one or two kinds of flowers. Buy flowers that are in-season, and try to supplement decor with lighting like paper lanterns.


Order a smaller specialty wedding cake, only one or two tiers, and have a sheet cake in the back to cut up to feed everyone. Keep the add-ons and cake decorations simple; supplementing with real flowers instead of sugar ones can save you a lot of dough. Keep the flavors familiar and comforting; don’t spring for expensive tastes like guava or mango that can be much harder to secure.

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