6 Innovative Wedding Favor Ideas

Wedding is indeed one of the happiest and most memorable occasions in one’s life. It is a moment of celebration for you, your family, relatives, friends and loved ones. To make this moment a little more special the bride and groom give wedding favors to guests.

If you are looking to gift your guests with something more than just seed packets or parasols, the following innovative wedding favor ideas are a sure thing to surprise them.

Beach Bags

If you have plans to hire event planner coordinator or organizing an innovative eco friendly type of wedding, why not gift guests with presents that will help them create a difference as well? Distribute eco friendly handbags which are made out of linen or jute. They are easy to carry at any place, in any climatic condition. One can use them over and over again on any occasion. Most of these bags are available in pastel shades ranging from soft pink, turquoise, aqua, peach or just white. You may also opt for printing some custom eco friendly message printed on it.


Are you planning to organize a beach wedding for yourself? Beach wedding has always been an inspiration for trendy folks as it adds a figment of style and medieval class to the whole concept. For beach themed wedding, small packets of sunscreen or sun tan lotion may be an ideal fit. You may also feel like to add small bottles of refreshment drinks that will help them feel rejuvenated after the occasion.

Wine Totes

A bottle of wine can be an ideal gift to suit vineyard wedding. But what is more interesting is wine totes for guests. Totes are a practical choice as it makes it much easier to carry anywhere, not to forget that they simply add small notes of romanticism within itself.


Lemonade Mixes

A summer wedding is never complete without a homemade pack of lemonade. You may simply buy a packet of lemonade and pour it into jars, now decorate each jar with a vibrant colored ribbon and put a gift tag with a personalized message.  You loved ones will surely appreciate it and may just ask for more!

Citronella Candles

Scented candles for citronella candles are yet another innovate and stylish gift idea. The candle tied with decorated ribbons is a perfect with for summer fun. Scented candles are classy yet romantic gift ideas which will make your guests admire it all the more.


A nanoblocks is a small building block which has to be organized to form an appearance of some cartoon character, cute animal or even statues of couples.  When it comes to sharing oozes of joy, there can be nothing that can hold you back from being a child once again. Nanoblocks are one of the most unique and innovative gift items. They can be a sweet memento that your guests can take home.

Wedding favors are not just gifts. It is one of the unique ways to thank your loved ones and appreciate their presence in the most precious day of your life. Unique wedding favors are a great way to say Thank You to your guests.

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