Baking 101

Perhaps as a side effect of the vintage and retro trends that are currently sweeping the nation, baking has once again become a popular pastime amongst young adults. American style cupcake shops are popping up left, right and centre and are often crammed full of teenagers and young professionals as are artisan bake houses selling freshly baked organic bread to an ever growing crowd of hipster types that hang around outside it’s doors at opening time to get the best of the best bread on offer.


But this is not only a high street or commercial trend at all. In fact it is just as popular as a hobby or pastime with people just as likely to turn up at parties with a tray of home baked goods as they are a bottle of wine. Be sure to get internet for home so you can search for cupcake decorating courses, online bread forums and secret cake clubs.


So if you’re interested in joining the cake club then just how can you get on hoard?


Visit New Businesses


Start to get the flavour of the baking scene by visiting a few of the new establishments that will have no doubt popped up in your local town centre. From posh chain patisseries to independent bakeries there is something to suit every tastebud. Plus there is such a range of baked goods available now on the high street and at such reasonable prices that it is perfectly feasible to try new things and not feel bad about wasting lots of food or money; bonus!


Try it Yourself


Of course, sometimes the best way is to get stuck in yourself and have a go. It is possible to pick up good quality, traditional baking recipe books in charity shops for buttons. Make sure that source the best ingredients you can to get the best flavours and textures in your creations. It is also important to make sure that you have the right baking equipment; who can roll out cookie dough without a rolling pin or bake a cake without a cake tin?


Get in With the Right Crowd


The third option is to get in with right crowds by joining a supper club, food tasting evening or if you have a particularly sweet tooth, can knock up a decent cake and have a spirit of adventure, perhaps you could try a Clandestine Cake Club? These events are free to attend and are booked in advance online using the website. Everyone that attends brings a cake, often baked to fit in with that night’s theme and also has the option to bring a non baking cake eating friend. Great for new bakers and cake lovers alike.

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