Beautiful DIY wedding invitations: How to get it right

Regardless of the visions a bride has for her big day, there is virtually no limitations when it comes to the creativity and beauty that she can bring to this special celebration. Choosing wedding invitations is a key element of the early stages of the wedding planning and, despite what many brides think, it’s not something that has to be a difficult or even expensive task.

In fact, invitations can be created beautifully on a budget, and without the need for having to hire a designer and pay a fortune to get them printed. Making your own invitations is one of the best ways to cut costs and ensure that your invites are unique to you.

Whether you’re a dab hand at crafting or a complete novice who has never done anything of the sort, the following are some helpful tips to keep in mind when making wedding invitations:

  1. Picture how you want your wedding day to be.

Have you chosen to have your wedding celebration in a countryside setting like Heaton House farm or in a hotel function room? What is your colour scheme for the event? Will you be having a ‘theme’ on the day? Your invitations need to give your guests a glimpse at what they can expect from your wedding, so all of these questions need to answered so that you can give a true representation of your vision for the day.

  1. Determine your budget and what it will allow.

Determining your budget from the outset will ensure that you’ll stay within your means. Even if your budget is quite tight, you don’t want your invitations to translate this. To achieve this, do not skimp on things such as print quality, adhesive, envelopes, paper trimmer or you will run the risk of them appearing cheap.

If your budget is that little bit more forgiving, you can think of creating square invites instead of rectangular (these cost more to post), and you can consider adding self-addressed RSVP cards that your guests can return to you.

  1. Embellishments are essential.

Choosing the right embellishments is what will give your invitations the ‘wow’ factor. You can be as creative as you like when designing so definitely make use of some, or maybe all of the following:

  • Buttons (suitable for adding extra detail and dimension to the front of invitations)

  • Ribbon (a bow always adds style)

  • Coloured fabric (perfect for creating eye-catching ruffles)

  • Punches (can add detail to the edges of the card)

  • Lace (always a showstopper)

  • Beads (may add a little weight, but it’s worth it)

  • Stamps (a cost-effective way of adding your personal touch)

  1. Let your creativeness shine through.

In choosing to go down the path of DIY wedding invitations, you should make a conscious decision to let your creative side shine through in every aspect of the project. Whether it be playing with your wording and choosing an original font to adding clip art and designing the envelopes you’re going to put them in, you can be as creative as you like.

In fact, the more your personality and that of your partner shines through in your beautifully designed DIY invitations, the more your guests will thank you for it and appreciate the effort you’ve made to give them this gift.

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