Three Beauty Treatments Whose Long Term Results Aren’t Pretty

Women undergo regular beauty routines in order to look their best but these beauty treatments may be doing more damage than good. From hair breakage from chemical treatments to skin dryness from too many facials, here are three ways beauty routines can cause damage and how to treat them, such as with a using a basecoat, organic root stimulator or moisturizer.

Nail weakness from artificial nails

While artificial treatments and nail polish may make your nails shiny and healthy-looking, using them on a regular basis may cause nails to become brittle. Artificial treatments, such as applying stick-on acrylic or gel nails, may result in your nails becoming weak and dry after the artificial nails are removed. If you do not protect your nails with a basecoat before painting your nails, this may result in your natural nail color turning yellow from contact with certain chemicals from the polish.

In order for nails to stay healthy, they need oxygen exposure regularly. To treat weakened or discolored nails, allow your nails to mend without interference from the beauty routines that are causing the damage in the first place. For at least a month or two, go without painting your nails or applying artificial ones, in order for your nails to be able to breathe.

Damaged hair from heat and chemicals

Dull and brittle hair can be the result of heat damage caused from using styling equipment daily or chemical damage from hair treatments. Flat irons, curling irons or hair dryers that directly apply high heat could cause your hair to suffer from permanent damage. Bleaching and perming essentially change the chemical structure of your hair, making it more prone to breakage while regular use of highlights and semi-permanent dyes could result in dull or dry hair.

Correct and treat the damage using an organic root stimulator, which will recondition and moisturize your hair and scalp. This kind of hair treatment will bring back life into dull hair, making it shiny and giving it enough volume and bounce for styling. It works by getting to the root of the hair, with organic and herbal remedies going below the surface to naturally repair and restore the hair damaged from overuse of heat or chemicals.

Skin dryness from facials

Facials are a great way to clean and exfoliate your skin to keep it clear and beautiful but having too many of them can cause dryness. Chemical facials can also cause skin discoloration or broken veins, even worse reactions in those with sensitive skin. If you want facials, it is recommended to have them at least four times a year when the seasons change, or once a month ideally. And remember, facials should always be given by a licensed esthetician.

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