About Bella Dahl Clothing – What Makes this Brand so Special?


Bella Dahl is a hugely popular brand, worn by many celebrity women. It is innovative and fits in with a woman’s lifestyle. It tries to bring together a style that is both sexy and casual, with the most luxurious fabrics, creating a truly perfect fit. All fabrics have that soft touch, but bring in real creativity and a twist. For instance, they like to create a very simple body, but then use a speciality wash, a different texture or an inspiration of the vintage style. All of Bella Dahl clothing is comfortable, wanting to allow women to look fantastic, in an effortless way.

ClothingAs Worn by Beyonce

The inspiration for Bella Dahl comes from the Californian lifestyle. The store is based in Los Angeles and looks to create clothes that fit with that area. It is laid back and flowing, perfect for a trip for the beach. All items are understated yet cool, which is why we see it so much on various celebrities, including Heidi Klum, Lily Aldridge, Alessandra Ambrosio and Beyonce.

Beyonce was recently seen on a vacation to Jamaica for husband’s Jay Z’s 44th birthday. During their vacation, she was frequently spotted in Bella Dahl clothing. One of the staple items she wore was the Pullover Placket shirt, which is light, airy and flattering. As always, it brings together style and comfort. Many women wear and casual knitwear, which tend to be elastic. As a result, most of us have never experienced a proper size. “The clothes that suit you allows you to be comfortable and gives you ease of movement you expect depending on the type of clothes you wear without being scruffy or baggy,

The most amazing thing about Bella Dahl is not the look, but the feel. It is amazing that something so stylish can feel as comfortable and smooth, which is why it is everybody’s favorite. Click here for more information on Bella Dahl clothing. Every woman is able to look just like Beyonce, even if you don’t quite have the body to match. It is a line created for the everyday woman who simply wants to look and feel her best.

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