The Best Antique Stores Worldwide To Buy Jewellery

There’s something special about a diamond ring that’s been in the family for generations or finding Art Deco jewellery similar to what was used in the remake of the Great Gatsby. If you like either generational pieces or the glitz and glamour from the 1920s, check out the offerings of some of the finest antique shops in the world. From antique engagement rings at San Francisco’s Lang Antique & Estate Jewelry to fine silver jewellery at the Silver Vault in London to Sydney’s Kalmar Antiques, which sells both antique and modern pieces.

Lang Antique & Estate Jewelry

Located in San Francisco’s Union Square district, this antique store has been a landmark since 1969 and has grown to feature one of the most extensive collections of vintage and antique jewellery in the United States. While they originally specialized in Victorian jewellery, they also feature plenty of sparkling Art Deco gems. In addition, you’ll find diamond and gemstone rings from every period, including an all-natural blue sapphire mounted in a halo setting with glistening diamonds surrounding it.

Lydia Courteille

Both antique and modern jewellery collectors love Lydia Courteille in Paris. Not only does she design her own surreal jewellery line using bold colors, Oriental themes, and precious gems, her store also features antique and vintage jewellery collections. The shop carries some infamous pieces like antique amethyst collars or diamond cuff bracelets, as well as several antique cameo rings, featuring gold and diamonds. In their vintage jewellery selection, they offer several Belperron brooches from the 1930s, hand crafted in 18 carat gold and highlighting diamonds and colorful gemstones like emeralds or rubies.

Silver Vaults

Located in London, the Silver Vaults is technically compromised of several smaller themed shops specializing in of course, silver. Some like Wolf Jewellery feature an extensive array of antique pendants, brooches, and bracelets, while others like Belmont Jewellers sells not only antique and modern diamond rings but pre-owned fine quality watches as well. They feature brands like Rolex and Omega. Anthony Green Antiques also features vintage watches and antique gold and silver pocket watches, in addition to their selection of jewellery.

Kalmar Antiques

Kalmar Antiques is known as one of Sydney’s finest antique jewellery dealers, due in part because they’ve always remained a family business. The owner, Marlene Kalmar, started the store with her deceased husband in 1986. It is now run by two generations of the family, so they understand and pride themselves on understanding treasures that have been around for multiple generations. She’s built the store’s repertoire since then and is always eager to help, as is the rest of her staff, which includes a registered diamond grader and watchmaker and repairer.

The shop carries a remarkable selection of the different periods from the Early Victorian through the glamorous Art Deco era. While they feature numerous styles of engagement rings, especially 3-stone rings or diamond and gemstone rings, they also feature an extensive collection of antique bangles, pearls, and cameo brooches.

These are the best of the best when it comes to finding antique jewellery worldwide. Some of it is based on their selection of antique rings, pendants, or wristwatches, while part of the allure of antique shops still is when the owner sells you a story about the piece you’re looking at. These shops have it all and make you feel like you’re not a customer, but an invited guest, eager to hear some historical tales.

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