How to Be The Best Best Man

Being asked to stand as the best man at your friend’s wedding is a great honour, but it is also a great responsibility. Here are some key tips to help you be the best best man possible.


Plan The Right Kind of Stag Do


Before even considering how to plan the stag do for your friend, you need to ascertain whether he even wants to have one. Although there are classic conventions to the traditional stag do, not every man – or his bride-to be – are excited by the prospect of strip clubs and excessive debauchery. If the groom is happy to go down this route, then of course you can start planning along those lines. But it isn’t something you should take for granted.


Be a Wall of Support on The Day


Being best man is symbolic of how close you and the groom are as friends. And being a true friend on the big day means being there for your friend in whatever way he needs you. Forget the idea that the wedding is an opportunity for you to get stuck into the liquor and share your friend’s big day. Your role is make it run as smoothly as possible. So be the reassuring voice if he’s nervous or having doubts about the scale of this commitment. Don’t drink too much yourself but just as importantly, don’t allow the groom to get so drunk that he regrets an of his actions.


Mark Your True Friendship With a Thoughtful Gift


People go all out when it comes to buying wedding gifts, often splurging money on the most decadent present they can muster. But you don’t need to. The depth and longevity of your friendship with the groom is what matters, and your gift should reflect this. Walter White’s gift of a solitary packet of Noodles to his old friend Elliott in Breaking Bad is cherished by Elliott not for its monetary value, but as a symbol of their lasting friendship. So if for instance, you and your friend grew up listening to 45 records, a 45 record vinyl bookend from the Discovery Store would be the perfect way to express your friendship.


Live Up to The Honour


Being asked to be a best man is a great honour. So live up to that level of honour by being the most supportive and thoughtful best man that you can be.

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