How to Choose the Perfect Watch

Watches are great gifts because they’re suitable for so many different occasions. You can give a watch to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, graduation, promotion or retirement. Watches come in a huge variety of different styles and prices, so there’s always a watch to suit your needs. And some watches are so versatile that they can be worn on almost any occasion.

However there is one aspect of choosing a watch which is a little less appealing than the rest. This is, of course, the surety of picking out a watch which is more perfectly suited to you, or your intended recipient, than any other available time piece. But if you follow these simple guidelines, this process should be made a lot easier.


There are three basic watch price tiers. The first includes any watch under £500. The second includes any watch under £5000. The third tier includes any watches over £5000. Within these tiers you can find numerous variations; for example, Tarratt pre-owned Breitling Bentley watches, or the differences in price between silver, gold and other metals.

All watches depreciate in value, so if you buy a watch of significant value you should not expect to be able to sell or exchange it for a similar price down the line. For most people, buying a watch constitutes a significant investment in an item they intend to keep for life. Therefore, if you have no real regard for your intended timepiece, you should either buy cheap or choose a different model.


Unless you have any prior attachment to a particular brand, you should take care not to let your decision making be compromised by a limited knowledge of what brands are actually out there. There are hundreds of different watch brands, and just because some are better known than others doesn’t mean they are necessarily better in quality. To get a truly comprehensive overview of what’s on offer, it’s worth visiting a reputable watch dealer and speaking to one of their sales agents.


Depending on the type of watch you buy, you will have to invest some of your time in caring for it. If you have no interest in maintaining a watch, a cheaper model is probably more suited to your needs. If, however, you relish the idea of carefully and considerately attending to the hundreds of delicate parts which comprise the very best of top end watches, then spending a little more on your time piece will pay off in dividends.


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