How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Favours

With the big day fast approaching, it’s important to plan carefully and leave nothing to chance. Your guests and those who have been involved in the execution of the wedding all need a little something as a token of your love and appreciation. You can go as simple or as creative as you like, but there’s no reason to panic when it comes to choosing the perfect wedding favours.

For the Bridesmaids

Your Maid of Honour will have worked very hard to make your hen night and the morning of your wedding special, by organising your girlfriends and helping you get ready for the church. She deserves a really thoughtful gift, so splash out on something that she’ll be able to cherish for years to come. A special pair of earrings or a delicate watch in rose gold or silver is a wonderful choice, and you can find designer names for affordable prices from retailers like H. Samuel. The other bridesmaids, depending on how many you have, can be gifted in a similar manner. Think about buying slim silver bracelets or very special hair accessories like jewelled bands or crystal hair pins.

For the Groomsmen and Ushers

Let your groomsmen and ushers pamper themselves with specially selected shower and bath goodies. Other great gifts for the men who have helped make the wedding ceremony happen include personalized handkerchiefs and ties, or small hipflasks with the date of the wedding engraved on them. The best man will need to recognised with a special present, and ideas for this include an engraved pocket watch, a fountain pen or a set of leather bound notebooks. You and your groom will obviously have a good knowledge of what the maid of honour and best man will most appreciate in terms of a gift, and you can tailor the present accordingly.

Parents and Other Guests

There are so many different ideas to choose from when it comes to small gifts for your wedding guests. Everyone loves to have something to take home with them, so why not get creative? An unusual idea is to provide guests with disposable cameras and ask them to take pictures for the wedding album throughout the event. Small bags of cookies, sweets or fresh fruit (particularly good for summer weddings) are always appreciated, as are miniature bottles of alcohol, such as Limóncello or port.

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