Choosing the Right Men’s Outfit for a Wedding

Men certainly seem to have it easier than women when it comes to picking out an outfit to wear to a wedding. Whilst women have to pick from countless styles of hats and dresses, men just need to select a tie from the wardrobe and try to turn up looking half-presentable. Unbelievably though, there are men out there who still manage to get wedding wear wrong. If you always struggle to know what to wear for a wedding, this step-by-step guide will help you make sure you’ll be looking sharp next time you’re invited to someone’s big day.

The Suit

Whether you’re buying a new suit or selecting one from your wardrobe, try to go for a simple design with clean lines. It’s probably best to go for a blue or grey suit; a black suit isn’t preferable, but you can certainly make it work if you have no other option. If the wedding is during the summer, why not be a bit more daring and get yourself a linen suit? If you find one in a cut that suits you, a linen suit would make a subtle, yet smart fashion statement.

The Shirt and Tie

Choosing a shirt and tie for a wedding is probably the most difficult task in this guide that men are faced with, but it really gives you a chance to experiment. Try to wear brighter colours, a black tie may look smart, but you’re going to a wedding, not a funeral! Red, blue or green ties are always good, safe choices. Make sure that your shirt and tie match, if you’re not sure, don’t be afraid to ask someone else’s opinion. Another tip to bear in mind is never mix patterned shirts and ties. If you’re wearing a striped or patterned shirt, stick to plain ties.

The Shoes

Your shoes are an item of clothing that are surprisingly easy to get wrong. Preferably, you should choose a pair of smart, leather shoes in a simple style. If you have a black or grey suit, you need black shoes. If you’re wearing a navy blue suit, do not wear brown shoes, a blue suit also needs to be paired with black shoes. If you’re wearing a tan or camel coloured suit, then you have permission to get your brown shoes out.

The Accessories

Don’t overload your outfit with accessories, but one or two won’t hurt. Make sure you wear a belt and it’s the same colour as your shoes. A pocket square is becoming a popular men’s accessory for formal occasions, find one the same colour as your tie and it’ll look great. If you aren’t sure about a pocket square, why not get yourself a tie pin? If you want to wear cufflinks, keep them simple. Unless you’re in the wedding party, you have no need to wear a hat so don’t even think about it. Make sure your socks are the same colour as your shoes, it may seem like a lot of attention to detail, but it will notice if your socks clash.

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