A Complete Guide to Picking the Right Caterer For Your Wedding

Choosing the perfect caterer for you wedding can seem like a daunting task. It is especially daunting because of the fact that the right caterer can really enhance the quality of the event and contribute to the comfort and enjoyment experienced by all of your guests. This simple yet complete guide will show you exactly how to get it right. When it comes to assessing caterers the process you use is very important. There may be a lot of caterers available in your area and you don’t want to miss out on hiring the perfect one for you simply because of the fact that you had not heard about their services. This step by step guide shows you how to find the perfect caterer in an organised and effective way.
Good caterers are very busy and in demand, if you want to avoid disappointment it is important to begin your search for a caterer as early as possible. The first thing you need to do is make a list of your must haves. This list should include anything that is not negotiable. You can include things such as date and budget and if there is a particular style of meal or service you require you should write this as well. It is important to keep this list as short as possible, if there are things you are undecided about it is best not to put them on this list. Keeping this list as short as possible will help to ensure that you can find what you need without missing out on the opportunity to investigate ideas you may not have thought of.
Once you know what your must haves are you can begin compiling a list of caterers that may be suitable. You can compile this list by finding every single caterer in your area. A good way to do this is to use a google search, if any of the caterers that you find have web pages which inform you that they can not fulfil anything from your list of non negotiable do not include them. Write down the names of the caterers and contact details. As well as google it is important that you check your local phone book and also ask friends or family members if there are any companies that they personally recommend. This list may be quite long to begin with, however, it will become shorter very quickly.
The next step may take some time depending on the length of your list. If there is someone who can help you such as friends or family members it will be much faster. This step involves eliminating all companies that are not able to supply the things on your mush have list. You can do this by contacting companies via phone or email or using the internet to source information. It is a good idea to prepare questions that are based on your criteria list from step one in advance. If you need a caterer that is available on a date that is non negotiable you will save time by asking if the catering company you have contacted is available on that particular date. You will find that your list gets shorter very quickly and once you have worked your way through all of the contacts you will have a good short list of viable options to choose from.
Ideally at this stage your list should consist of between three and ten caterers. If you find that you still have too many options on your list you can narrow your search down further by asking the opinions of other experts who are going to be involved in your wedding day. You will find that professionals who are involved with organising wedding related services on a regular basis can offer you some very valuable information. Photographers, venue organisers, dress makers and even celebrants often follow up with clients and they will be able to tell you if other people have been happy with the services provided by certain caterers.
This is the fun part! Now that you have a list of caterers who are reputable and able to supply your necessaries it is time to contact the companies on your list and arrange to meet with them. Most caterers will be happy to supply you with samples of food and answer all of your questions. The final decision will be based on your menu preferences and other personal preferences. The best advice at this stage is to ask as many questions as possible and choose the caterer that is both willing and able to give you what you need in all areas.

Written by Sophia Mendelsohn.




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