Creative Business Solutions for Start Ups

Most entrepreneurs are aware of the challenging nature of business and how difficult it can be to get a new venture off the ground. Many small start-ups fail within the first few years of operation because they fail to strike the correct balance between outgoing costs and profits coming in. If you intend to be successful as an entrepreneur, it’s very important to focus on the flexibility and creativity of your business approach. Your ideas should be fresh and informed daily by the ever-changing realities of the marketplace and the tactics of your nearest competitors.

Use Social Media to Your Advantage

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest all provide completely free marketing opportunities and small businesses in particular should take advantage of this. Forget costly advertising avenues like television or magazine spots, and focus on building relationships with your customer base in real time. Social media allows you to get a clear and immediate picture of what your target market is and isn’t interested in, and what they value in a provider of goods and services. This will better allow your business to tailor its approach, and give your customer base more of what they want. You can also use social media to build a sense of brand awareness and get clients talking and excited about your company. Think about setting up giveaways and competitions, or allowing followers and Facebook friends access to special discount codes to reward them for their online loyalty.

Save on Costly Commercial Rents

In the connected, contemporary world of business, many start-ups can dispense with the cost of renting a retail space. Paying for the use of a commercial building, whether this is an office or a shop front, can seriously eat into the budget of a small start-up company. It’s a much more cost effective solution to establish your business online first and build a loyal customer base before taking on the financial risk of a commercial rent. Many businesses never need to establish physical headquarters and can manage perfectly well from the comfort of the entrepreneur’s home. However, when it is time to expand and make the leap towards establishing a business premises, small start-ups may wish to consider the advantages of semi-permanent buildings or relocatable structures. They are much cheaper to rent and can be built quickly and tailored to the individual needs of the business in question. Make sure you’re aware of all the options before handing over a significant chunk of your profits as commercial rent. 

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