Dating in NYC is Easier Than You Might Think

Dating in today’s world is harder than ever before but especially in larger cities. “Sex and the City” did a good job of highlighting the issues that people living in NYC and Manhattan faced in regards to meeting new people and forming relationships. Between the crowded bars that seem to cater more towards college kids and the singles activities that make members feel silly, it’s hard to find a way to meet your potential Mr. or Mrs. Right. Matchmaking services and dating clubs take some of the hard work out of dating in NYC.

Matchmaking vs. Online Dating

It’s nearly impossible to reach the age of 25 or 30 without trying at least one online dating site. Those sites let anyone with an Internet connection sign up, and members can create their own profiles. You never know if the person will look completely unlike the person you talked to online. Online daters often lie about their height, age, weight and even eye colour or hair colour. The difference between matchmaker services is that they screen each member and find a specific match for them. Some of the more modern matchmaking services offer different programs that let members meet and greet and form connections without using the Internet.

Dating Services

The services offered by matchmakers today helps members feel more confident and self-assured. With image consulting, experts will sit down with a member and talk to him or her about how the person looks. Those experts can offer tips about dressing for your age or body style, how to style your hair and wear makeup and even what type of perfume or cologne will appeal to others. Dating concierges host special events and plan dates for members that let them get to know one another. Some matchmakers also offer dating and relationship coaching for those struggling with how to connect with others.

How to Join?

The dating elite in NYC turn to New York Socials and other matchmaking companies for assistance finding their perfect matches. Unlike traditional matchmakers, these companies host special events that allow members to meet others and form connections on their own. Prior to joining one of these services, you must go through a rigorous background check that screens your criminal history, and you must also attend an in-depth interview with one of the matchmakers. If you want to meet quality people with the same interests as you, working with a matchmaker might be a better option than Internet dating.


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