DIY Wedding Invitation – Save Money and Enjoy A Memorable Ceremony

Do- it- yourself or well known as DIY wedding invitation cards are trending today among the young couples who are waiting to walk the aisle. Taking a vow is itself the most special moment in one’s life. You can further personalize this very significant time by inviting family members, friends and neighbors by sending DIY cards.

These handmade invites are the best option for people who want to make their wedding an unforgettable ceremony within a limited budget. It gives the satisfaction of personally inviting your guests to witness the blissful event. With your creative ideas, you can design a unique card, which will hold a special place in each invitee’s heart.

Wedding invitation gives the very first impression of your plans for the day. If you are an artist, then this kit is blessing in disguise. Handmade card will help you highlight your sentimental values and the feeling that you share with your loved one. You can surprise the guest by sending them these DIY cards with a handwritten message or photos of you and would-be spouse on it.

Where can you get the DIY invites kit?

You can purchase these kits at any local card store. However, the best place to buy them is online, as you will be able to browse through numerous websites and catalogues having a variety of options for you. You can individually go through all the designs and types of kits available. With just a few clicks, you’ll be able to place an order for the product that satisfies you. The online vendor will deliver your order within a specified period of time at your doorstep, once the payment is made.

There are many websites that also take you through the step by step procedure to make an invitation at home. You could choose to view their video tutorials that will allow you to use your creativity and make a beautiful invitation. Also, a number of software applications are easily available in the market to help you design your own wedding invite more effectively.

Advantages of DIY invitation cards over readymade ones:

The first thing that comes to our minds when we talk about DIY is cost effectiveness of any item. Saving money in such times means a lot, since you are not sure what additional expenses you might have to incur during the occasion. The money that you save on invites can be used for your honeymoon or making some other arrangements for the main event.

These handmade cards will allow you to put across a personalized message for your guests. This will surely impress them and make your guests feel special. With DIY kits, you can share a wonderful time together with your would be spouse while working on it. You can select the colors, shapes, phrases and pictures that you both like. It can be designed to your flavor like ethnic, elegant, classic, modern, traditional or mixed design, which brings out it uniqueness.

What is included in the DIY kit?

  • Paper and envelopes: They are present in innumerable colors and the type of papers varies as per your choice.

  • Decorative embellishments: there are many types of embellishments and one of the popular ones is embossed printable designs. It is very easy to them print at home. You could choose from a collection of free templates, add text and can change the background.

  • Craft tools: Tools like paper cutter and permanent adhesive are included.

  • Scissors: Special one to cut the paper creatively.

  • Ruler: To measure the sheets and paper to cut it perfectly.

  • Bone folder: To smoothen the layers of paper that you have folded together.

Author’s Bio:

Robert is a successful wedding planner and he shares his experience about the most memorable weddings conducted in the world. He blog posts on making DIY wedding invitations is a perfect icing on the cake. 

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