Essential Accessories for the Gentlemanly Groom

So the brides might be in the spotlight on the big day but of course grooms want to look good too! If you’re going for the classic white wedding then it’s essential that the groom looks his gentlemanly best. At least to match the beauty of your gorgeous bride, here are some key accessories to ensure that you’ll be the dashing gentleman that will make her heart flutter when she takes the walk down that all-important aisle.

1. Shoes

It’s a well-known fact that a man’s shoes say a lot about his character! So you’ve got to get them right on your wedding day. If you’re going for a black tux then stick to some polished black shoes. If you’re opting for grey however, then dark brown will compliment beautifully. Don’t forget the socks too! As a rule, never wear white. Black socks are always a safe bet but if you’ve got a quirky personality then feel free to experiment, if you can pull them off!

2. Neck

Depending on how formal you want to occasion to be there is a range of options for neck accessories. You could go with a simple, quality tie in a complimentary colour or you could switch it up with a bow tie. If you’re really going for the full-on English gentleman then try out a cravat to bring out your inner Mr. Darcy.

3. Cuffs

Cufflinks are a great way to add some personality into your outfit. You can find all sorts of unusual and interesting styles or you can go for the classic silver, minimalist pair. Buy some special ones for your wedding that you can keep to remind you of that special day!

4. Pocket Square

The all-important pocket square isn’t just there to dry your teary eyes, or your mum’s for that matter, but it can also be a very strong style statement. Whatever you do, think about your neck accessory and your pocket square as a pair. This doesn’t mean they have to be matching, but just that there has to be some thought behind the look you’ve chosen. Be mindful of the folding-style too. It’s all in the details – a gentleman always thinks things through very thoroughly.

It’s all very simple really. Bring out your personality on your wedding day but don’t try too hard. Be calm, collected and most of all, polished. Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life so make sure that it counts and that you look your absolute best. Jolly good show chap!

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