What to Expect from Your Wedding Venue

Now that you’ve said ‘yes’ and the wedding plans need to be made, you will need to be more organised and prepared than you ever have been in your life. Around Oxfordshire you’ll find a myriad of choices that are sure to make yours a memorable day that guests enjoy to the fullest. You’ll be able to choose from historic and elegant locations, contemporary and modern hotels, or grounds and lawns which add a romantic ambiance to your special day. The selection of your venue will set the tone for your wedding so make sure that you know what to expect from your venue when you make your final decision and sign the contract for your wedding date.

Express Your Statement of Style

Should you choose one of the available venues in Heythrop Park, you’ll have 440 acres of elegance in which to place your wedding party. Your venue should furnish you with stunning landscapes and locations for the photographs that make your wedding a memorable occasion that can be enjoyed for years to come. If you’d like your guests to enjoy a game of golf before your wedding or to relax at an afternoon tea, this Oxfordshire location can certainly meet and exceed your expectations.

Questions to Ask

In order to better understand what your Oxfordshire venue can deliver for your wedding, it’s best to determine your priorities ahead of time. You’ll want to cover the pricing packages, the vendors that can be used in the venue, and if there is ample outdoor space for guests to mingle and relax before and after the ceremony. All Oxfordshire wedding venues have ample parking for your guests and are easily accessed by public transportation; it’s important to also ask about accommodations for your special needs guests if you are inviting any. Finally, you should enquire about any restrictions that your guests should observe such as using confetti, rice, or candles.

Make a Visit to View the Details of Your Venue

It’s very important for you to personally visit the venues that you select for your shortlist of possibilities. You’ll want to notice details like how your guests will enter the venue, the condition of the bathrooms, and if there is plenty of room to accommodate your guests at the reception. By speaking with the venue staff you can quickly see how easy they will be to work with and how well they can meet your expectations. You’ll be able to determine if they are flexible and if they truly care about this memorable day in your life; finding a caring staff will be a valuable treasure for your wedding planning process.

After you sign your contract and establish your point of contact you’ll be ready to begin the next phase of your wedding planning which includes the decorations, your colour selections, your music, and your photographer. The fun is only beginning but be sure to take your time, plan effectively, and cover all of the details well in advance of your wedding day.

Image courtesy of Vichaya Kiatying-Angsulee/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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