How the film Bridesmaids can help you plan a better hen weekend

Hen weekends are the most important time of a bride-to-be’s wedding schedule. Not only are you celebrating your last few days of freedom, you’re also showing the world how happy you are at the prospect of getting married.
Now, you might not have the adventurous friends that Lillian has, in Bridesmaids, but you can bet that your girlfriends are going to want to make the time special for you. Or perhaps you’re one of the friends ready to give the blushing bride the time of her life which she’ll forever cherish.
When thinking of ideas about what to do you should consider every possible way in which you’re sure to have a bash that suits you. Vegas and Fight Club themes might not appeal to you and a French theme with pink champagne and horses to transport the guests might not be in your budget, but there’s more than a few ways to make that occasion good.
If Bridesmaids has shown anything though, it’s proved that a successful hen weekend is all about friendship. Planning is hard work and one person can’t pull of an event such as that on their own. Friends make the event special, know what one another likes and give everything to see others happy. You might have the chaotic, oddness in your friends that appear in the film, but maybe that’s a good thing as you don’t want anything side tracking you from the most important day of your life!
If you’re really stuck for ideas though, here are some that might appeal to you, inspired by the film itself:
1. Is there ever a holiday you or the bride has ever wanted to go on? What better chance to go away and party it up than now? Let your hair down from all the stress of planning your dream day and have a little you time.

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