The art of giving flowers dates centuries ago and so do the meaning and symbolism of different flowers and colours. One of the perfect gifts for any celebration is giving a flower – whether a single cut or a bouquet, the flower is true beauty and care. Sending flowers is a great way to show love, express friendship, say thank you or show sympathy. There is a flower and a specific colour for literally anything you would wish to say. Plenty of flowers grow during the summer, which makes it the perfect season to give fresh flowers to the ones you care about. For a birthday, wedding or graduation, summer flowers come in a variety of shades and with their beauty and fragrance they make splendid gifts. Here are some of the most popular choice which you can give in summer.
1. Roses
Loved all over the world, roses remain exceptionally fresh in summer, due to their love for plenty of sun. If there is enough sunlight provided, they can stay fresh throughout the summer. Roses are the ultimate flower for expressing love and affection. They are also a good choice for weddings, anniversaries and friends’ birthdays.

2. Freesia
This summer flower which comes from South Africa is the perfect gift to send to family members and friends who live far from you, favored for their light and sweet fragrance. Florists offer plenty of colours you can choose from. It’s so easy to choose  a bouquet of freesias from and online florist and send them for any occasion you need.

3. Carnation
Almost as popular as the rose, the carnation loves well-drained soil and full sunlight. Grown in summer, carnations remain fresh even when sent with an online delivery. These flowers are also popular in winter, so if you want a timeless flower whose beauty is not too much, this is the perfect choice for you. Carnations are lovely choice of flowers for graduation day, proms, summer birthdays and wedding anniversaries.

4. Hydrangea
You cannot deny that there is something rather unique about this flower – with its clustered form and innumerable tiny flowers, the hydrangea can be found in blue, white or pink as most common colours. The bouquets typically contain different colours of hydrangea in one place, creating a bright masterpiece.

5. Daisy
This popular flower all over the world grows in rich soil and full sunlight and its flowers are edible. The daisy is a pretty and delicate flower which can be sent as a symbol of love and friendship. Everyone knows the popular game “Loves me, loves me not” with the daisy’s petals. It is one of those things that makes this flower so romantic, sweet and unique. If you want to show your adoration or love to somebody, pick a bouquet of daisies and plenty of greenery. This bouquet will speak volumes to the receiver.

When you are choosing flowers from an online delivery shop, you can browse the different categories according to occasions. The most popular occasions include: birthday, anniversary, wedding, father’s day, mother’s day, graduation, thinking of you, just because, get well soon, friendship and others. You can find beautiful arrangements of summer flowers in these sections or customize your own special bouquet.

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