Get Perfect Wedding Day Teeth in 3 Simple Ways

Considering the countless times your friends, photographer, and family will shout ‘smile,’ during your wedding day, it’s best to make sure your pearly whites look their best. No matter how elegant your wedding gown is, people will always remember how your beautiful smile lit the occasion. However, many things need to fall into place before you get that bright smile and well-aligned white teeth. According to Peak Family Dental Care, here are some of the ways you can get a perfect smile for your big day.

1. Teeth whitening can help remove unsightly stains

Stained teeth are a bit unattractive. If many years of soda, coffee, and wine have left your teeth looking yellowish or brownish, visit your dentist before your big day for teeth whitening services. It’s recommended to schedule an appointment ahead of time for best results.

Note that the teeth whitening process takes at least two weeks, and so, it’s recommended to start as early as possible. One of the major mistakes brides make before the wedding day is getting teeth whitening done a night or day before her wedding. This is not recommended as it can expose your gum tissue to gingival irritation, leading to discomfort during your wedding.

2. Porcelain veneers

Many patients usually wonder what could boost the aesthetic appearance of their teeth during their wedding. However, many brides and grooms wait until the last minute to visit a dentist. That means they don’t have enough time to achieve the results they desire.

The key to great veneers is timely planning, and this might take longer than you think. The dentist must ensure that your gums and teeth are healthy before they start the restorative procedure, and this might require several visits to a dental care facility.

Generally, the procedure isn’t painful. However, you need enough time to get used to the veneers and have a buffer in case more work needs to be done. This is the primary reason a pro will ask you to start this process three to four months before your wedding.

3. Get chipped or worn tooth repaired

A cracked, badly worn, or chipped tooth can become the focal point of your great smile. If you are happy with the rest of your teeth and intend to repair a single chipped tooth, your dentist may recommend a dental crown. Generally, dental crowns blend seamlessly in with your beautiful smile and function just lie all other natural teeth. A dental exam with an experienced dentist will help determine whether or not a crown is necessary depending on your circumstances.

Even if your teeth are not stained, chipped, worn or misaligned, it’s good to get them cleaned professionally by a dentist before your wedding day. Having a pearly-white smile makes you feel comfortable and boosts your confidence. Your smile will always be effortless because you will not be too self-aware of your dental flaws. Consult with a good dentist six months before your wedding day to determine the most viable option to ensure that you have a great smile during your wedding.



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