Groom Savings: Four Unique Budgeting Ideas For Him

Brides have gotten fairly good at finding affordable alternatives to pricey wedding ideas. From cutting back on food to using wholesale stores for decor, budgeting for a wedding has become a much easier task. One of the most overlooked aspects of a wedding, though, could use some work. When it comes to the groom, many people forget that he’s dressed just as well as his blushing bride. With cufflinks, pocket squares and other accessories, a groom can end up spending more than necessary. All of those bits and pieces add up. How can you save your guy some dough? The following offers some advice for cutting back on the cufflinks.


1: Separate but equal

Guys may not need a full tux to be wedding-ready. He could choose separates that would still create a cohesive look without breaking the bank. Many weddings these days are more casual, and a full tux screams old-fashioned. More and more grooms are going the way of custom fitted suits online. If you or he still insists on a full tuxedo, then find a store that offers a discount for multiple rentals. If your whole bridal party needs a tux, many stores will offer a free tux to the groom or a percentage off.


2: Simple style

Unless you’re getting married at a very traditional place with strict dress code rules, you can ditch traditional accessories like cufflinks, tie pins and canes. Instead, have fun with your guys’ wedding ties. Ties can be a great way to add color and personality while keeping price to a minimum. Investing in quality wedding ties from for the groom and groomsmen can supersede the need for pricier accessories.


3: Gift-giving for him

Brides know that they’re supposed to give gifts to their bridesmaids, but guys often overlook this important piece of the wedding puzzle. Still, groomsmen will appreciate the gesture. The groom can save money by taking his friends out for some good old-fashioned male bonding instead of spending the cash on awkward mementos. It’s a gesture everyone will appreciate.


4: Rehearsal barbecue

The groom’s side traditionally takes care of the rehearsal dinner. Depending on the size of your party and whom you choose to invite, this can be quite costly. Instead, encourage your guy to host an informal rehearsal barbecue. It’s a casual way to thank attendants and family members for their ongoing support, and it’s much less expensive than renting a hall and having the dinner catered.

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