Have A Partner Who Loves Watches More Than You? Give Them These Gifts

Almost every one of us possibly has at least one thing that we love more than anyone in the world, even our partners. And it just so happens that instead of being cars, toys or makeup, your partner is into watches. There is something about ticking watches of which they can’t get enough. Is it the strap, the hands of the watch, or just the watch being a watch? Nonetheless, your partner’s birthday or your anniversary as a couple is already coming up, so you better buy a gift that is related to wristwatches. Listed here are some of those watch-related gifts you can buy for them.

Replacement straps

Straps, although only used to fasten watches on the wrists of users, remain an essential element of watches. Colours can be changed to adjust to your whole look. It can be any colour that is available in your local shop or an online shop. You can also change the material of the strap, making it metal, leather, or plastic, depending on your choice. If your partner’s watch is made out of metal, you can pair it up with Omega leather straps. If the frame of the wristwatch is plastic, you can attach a plastic strap to it.

New watches

Possibly the most obvious choice for a gift; give your partner a brand-new watch! You probably already know his or her favourite brand of wristwatch. Since watches come at a high price, you better start saving up for one months before the celebration. You can choose from a range of watches that have unique functions. Some come with small solar panels, waterproofed frames, and shockproof bodies.


Watch-themed shirts

When giving presents to loved ones, you can never go wrong with printed apparel. Since your partner loves watches, you can opt to look for and collect shirts that feature watches or clocks. You can even have one customised for your partner! All you have to do is go to your nearest t-shirt printing shop and take your partner’s watches as the basis for the graphic design

Replacement buckles

If your partner’s wristwatches have damaged fasteners, make it a priority to buy new buckles. The buckle secures the watch on the user’s wrist. It can be composed of metals, plastic, and wood, much like straps. You can buy fasteners in your local shops or online shops that offer a vast array of choices. Make sure to test the quality of the buckle first before buying.

You know that you will honestly go the distance to make your loved one happy. Some people show their love through grandiose gifts or small acts. In your case, you can show your love to your loved one who is addicted to watches by presenting them with various watch-related gifts. You can give them new wristwatches, new parts for their watches, or watch-related shirts.


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