The Importance of Looking After your Watch

Normal wear and tear will eventually take its toll on the appearance of your watch. Even a dress watch that is only brought out on ‘good’ occasions will eventually succumb to the inevitable scratches and marks that easily come about through normal wear and tear. However true this may be, if you look after your watch and address those little blemishes as soon as they appear, then you will be rewarded with a watch that will repay you with a glisten that will endure the passing of time. Therefore, looking after your watch is an important part of owning a timepiece and it is worth taking some time out of your schedule to do what’s required to keep it in pristine condition.

Let’s face it, there islittle else that’s worse than noticing that very first scratch on the bracelet or clock-face of your favourite watch. However inevitable this may seem, there is a way that you can keep your watch looking in immaculate condition without expending too much effort.


Regular Polishing

A regular polishing is one of the best ways in which you can maintain the gleaming look of your watch. You can polishit at home with a specially-bought polishing cloth but this will only address the surfaces of your watch and will not ensure that every nook and cranny in your watch, of which there may be many, is cleaned and polished. For this reason, it is best to get your watch professionally cleaned.  

Leave it to the Professionals

Polishing your watch is not as simple as rubbing a cloth over it. A professional polishing of your watch involves stripping it down to its components and being thoroughly cleaned using an ultrasonic cleaner that will remove any engrained grime. This type of thorough polishing will ensure that all surfaces of your watch are carefully and expertly polished, ensuring that original sparkle is brought back. If you are looking for a professional polish service for your watch, can help with polishing watches and offer an excellent, professional watch polishing and care service.

By treating your watch to such a service, you can bring it back to its original glory and as close to its appearance when you first caught sight of it in the jeweler’s cabinet! After the polish has been carried out, you can maintain the high-gleam finish with regular at-home polishing until you need to schedule your next professional polish.


Routine Servicing

In addition to regular professional polishing, you should also consider having your watch serviced every few years. During a routine watch service, any worn or defective parts can be replaced and the internal mechanisms can be thoroughly checked, guaranteeing to keep your watch in perfect working order. By combining regular servicing of your watch with professional polishing as required, you will ensure that your watch will operate efficiently and reliably and will also prevent your watch from becoming afflicted by scratches and from looking worn and unloved. Not only that, but it will also help it to retain its value should you decide to sell it on in the future, so in all truthfulness, the importance of looking after your watch cannot be underestimated.

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