How Important is Image in 2014?

While we live in an age where equality has triggered numerous positive changes in the workplace, the majority of women still feel as though they are treated differently to their male counterparts. This is certainly true when it comes to remuneration, with women apparently continuing to earn less than male contemporaries in similar roles of employment nationwide. While the reasons for this inequality can be debated at length, such discrepancies also raise concerns about the importance of image and whether style continues to supersede substance in the modern workplace.

The Importance of Image on the Modern Workplace

While inequality between genders may dominate media headlines and column inches, some may argue that the issue goes deeper than this. More specifically, there is a suggestion that people of the same gender are often treated differently according to their appearance and the image that they portray, and that female workers are particularly vulnerable to this. This is the age-old problem of style prevailing over substance, and it is one that continues to cause controversy in the modern workplace.

This just happens to be an unfortunate and unavoidable aspect of certain industries, especially those that are image-driven such as marketing and sales. It is also relatively easy to overcome, however, especially if you retain a level head and strive to optimise both your workplace credentials and physical appearance as an employee. This means not only pursuing new opportunities for professional growth and the type of qualifications that help you to adapt to changes within your chosen marketplace, but it also requires you to maintain a smart and professional visage that has the capacity to impress both employers and potential clients.

The Bottom Line for Female Workers: How to Create a Clean and Professional Image

In terms of the latter, today’s generation of male and female workers are fortunate in that they have access to an incredible array of beauty products and garments online. Firms such as Capital Hair and Beauty provide a relevant case in point, as they sell everything from tanning products to eyelash enhancers within a single, online space. These simple and relatively affordable accessories can make a huge difference when used consistently over a prolonged period of time, as they can help to optimise your natural features. Alongside a professional and carefully selected wardrobe, these products can revolutionise your workplace image and help you to make a favourable impression on your employers.


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