Why an iTunes Playlist is Better than a Wedding DJ

Your wedding- the one day that ultimately shapes the rest of your life, but no pressure whatsoever!


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Okay, so picture your big day. Maybe it is something you often daydream about, maybe you have already planned it down to the last crumb, or maybe you are playing about with ideal scenarios if you ‘were’ to get married.

The idea of taking things into your own hands can be extremely daunting, especially if ‘being organized’ is a quality you lack! But what woman doesn’t want her wedding day to run exactly as she plans it to?

Picture Perfect

Imagine the venue for your wedding reception. Your colour theme splashed throughout, guests are awed by the centrepieces and the food is disappearing from plates quicker than you can say ‘speech’! Everything is going according to plan and you get to relax with your new spouse and continue to enjoy the special occasion.

After your first dance, the DJ switches the tempo and you’re ready to have some fun with your guests! The speakers sound across the venue, and then you screw up your face as a tired ‘S Club 7’ song blares out. You want to give the DJ the benefit of the doubt, but the music just keeps on getting worse.

Play Your Own List

Although this is probably the worst-case scenario, why not take control of your own sounds by arranging a playlist through iTunes? You can even create different playlists to choose from on the day. This way, at least you can be certain that the music you want to be played will actually be played.

iTunes, if you’ve never used it, is a programme included within Apple products such as the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad etc. It allows you to easily synchronize your music from your computer with your iPod, and there is even an online store featured where you can download music straight to your device. For a beginner, it may seem daunting, but you can organise your music without any headaches.

Playlists are a great feature, and in this case, allow you to be your very own DJ! Simply plug your device into a speaker system and you are good to go! No arguments and no nasty surprises, that is unless nobody appreciates your taste in music, but I can’t help you there…

What are some songs you want to or did have played at your wedding?

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