Last Minute Gift Ideas for Dads

It is your dad’s birthday tomorrow and you forgot all about it. You’re at work all day and won’t have time to get to the shops before they close. Oh dear, what do you do now? First of all, don’t panic. Luckily we are in the 21st century and online shopping exists. We’ve listed last minute gift ideas that make it look like you’ve put lots of thought into the present below; your dad will never know that you left it until the day before to organise the gift!


Personalised Phone Cases
Find an old picture of you and your siblings when you were all younger, his grandchild or something that you’ll know he loves such as a vintage cars or a loved pet, and get it printed onto a phone case. He can show off to all his friends and the rest of the world a prized possession he has. You can get next day delivery phone cases at Zippi so you don’t have to worry about the wait of standard delivery.

Create a voucher/I.O.U
Open up Microsoft word and create a voucher telling him that you are going to take him to his favourite restaurant or going to pay and join him to do a favourite hobby of his. This gives you some time to get it organised, yet he will never know as he will think you had it planned all along (unless he knows you’re a forgetful one).

T-Shirt with Favourite Quote
Does your old man have a favourite quote that he is always reciting or a favourite movie, song etc.? Get it printed on a top; he’ll love wearing it when he goes down to the pub or for dress down Friday at work as a great conversation starter.


Create a Birthday Video Slideshow
You’ll probably be up all night but he’s your dad, and he deserves it right? Animoto allows you to create a personal birthday video containing meaningful photos and memories that you could grab from your own, your families and his Facebook account. This is a thoughtful gift and might even make your dad shed a tear. If you can’t see your dad during the day you can send it to him via email or on social media. What a life saver!

Book a trip away
The likes of Groupon and Wowcher are full of weekend breaks away which you can pay for online and then print off the voucher to present to him. Try and find somewhere that he hasn’t been before or somewhere that you know he loves. A weekend break could be just what he needs if he is constantly working hard at work and constantly helping out with the family.

Remember: Try and make out you organised the gifts ages ago. He won’t know that you arranged his gift the day before unless you tell him thanks to these great gift ideas.

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