How to Look Your Best in Your Bournemouth Wedding Photos

Bournemouth is a popular destination for weddings. It offers everything you could want, from beach weddings to traditional and historic settings. If you’re planning to be wed in Bournemouth, it’s important to prepare for the photos. You’ll want the day to be recorded visually, not only to remember the occasion, but also to capture the views and your friends and family as they celebrate your big day.

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Sadly, not everyone likes to have their photo taken. If you are nervous about how your photos will come out, we recommend using the following tips to ensure that you have plenty of images you’ll be proud to show off and have on display for the rest of your life.

Pick a Great Photographer

Your friend may offer to take the photos, and you could save a bit of money by choosing this option, but it’s not a good decision. Pick a professional wedding photographer in Bournemouth instead. They will know exactly how to capture you at your best, helping you to feel at ease and using their techniques to take the best photos possible. If you’re unsure of which photographer to choose, visit and check out the portfolio.

Practice in the Mirror

Take your time to get to know your best angle. Use a full-length mirror and learn the celebrity poses until they become natural and not forced. One of the classic stances to work in involves standing with your hips rotated at around 45 degrees from the camera (or mirror). Put all of your weight on your back foot and cross your other leg in front, pointing your foot towards the camera with a slightly bent knee to make it look more natural. Put your hand on your hip if you want and give yourself a big smile.


While it’s understandable to feel uncomfortable with all the eyes on you, it is important to at least know how to relax your face even if you have butterflies fluttering in your tummy. If you feel yourself getting tense, take a moment to relax your brow, close your eyes, and take some of the tension out of your lips. Turn away from the camera so you don’t get caught shaking the stress out!

Stand Tall

Don’t slouch; stand up straight with your shoulders and face relaxed. Pretend you’re a ballerina or think about the posture you use in yoga class. Work on elongating your spine, push your chest forward slightly, and breathe in deep to suck in the belly. Breathe deeply and keep calm – there’s no need to hold your breath, or you may find yourself feeling dizzy.

Enjoy Yourself

How often do you have a photographer working to capture you at your best? This is a great part of the wedding (aside from marrying your true love, of course), so make the most of it. Enjoy yourself; let yourself smile and laugh. If you pick a great photographer, they, too, will want you to get the best experience by helping you to relax and have fun. Make sure you connect with yours before making your final choice.

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