Make The Night Before The Big Day A Celebration

It has become increasing popular in recent years to make an event out of the day before the big day. Gone are the days of curling up on the sofa with your family and watching a favourite film, and doing some last minuet pampering ;rehearsal dinners are the new hottest trend in the wedding world, and its not just dinner and a few speeches that are the order of the day.

A rehearsal dinner is a popular tradition that started in America, which is usually held after the rehearsal of the wedding which takes place the day before the wedding. It is used as a change for the bride and groom to get together the wedding party ahead of the big day and thank them for all of the help and support that they have given during the wedding planning.

This celebration dinner doesn’t have to be an expensive event, as it’s emigrated across the Atlantic and found its way to the UK; British brides are taking this all American tradition and making it their own, adding a more home made spin.

Rather than opting for a restaurant to host their event, most money savvy British brides are hosting their rehearsal dinners at their home, or at the home of their parents. It is a fantastic way of making it more personal and it’s far more cost effective.

Why not host your own party, creating your own personal event, but using your imagination. Tea parties are quite popular at the moment,  add an even more personal twist by personalising all of your cutlery and stationary, Not On The High Street is a great place to find some beautiful bargains that will help you to create your perfect event.

Don’t worry about doing the catering yourself, why worry when you can get others to do that for you! popular British superstores such as Marks and Spencer and Waitrose  offer to create  a sumptuous buffet full off gorgeous food fit for a king for you, there are plenty of yummy goodies to choose from, you are sure to be spoilt for choice.

Instead of worrying about making a big speech on your bog day, why not get that out of the way at the rehearsal dinner, by giving the wedding party a small gift and a few words as a token of your appreciation. That way you can dedicate your speech to your new wife / husband the next day.  Watches always make perfect gifts for this occasion, The Watch Hut are the UK’s largest watch website and offer the perfect mix of designer and fashion watches, that cater for every price range.

Make your last day as a single person a day to remember and host your own rehearsal dinner, but remember to add your own personal twist to make it extra special.


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