Memories That Last Forever – How to Look Fabulous In Your Wedding Photos

 Wedding photographs allow the couples to go back their memory lane and cherish the time spent together. Although it does not give the same feeling, but you still can think of those wonderful years of your life and keep them alive. Therefore, it becomes inevitable to hire a reputed wedding photographer who can use their skills to capture all the valuable events. It’s just not skill, but experience counts too, as they need to understand and know when to shoot.



How to look fabulous in your wedding photos?

  • Relax your face – Posing for every photograph can be quite a challenging task. You need to smile and look beautiful in all of them. You can relax, as it would be reflected on your photographers.  Ask you photographer to count 3, so you can pose for the photos. Don’t close your eyes and ensure to smile as much as possible. On the count of three open your eyes and turn on with a winning smile.
  • Smiling eyes – Wedding is a special event of your life. A clear and beautiful photo will always take you close to that unforgettable day of your life. Your happy and smiling eyes will reveal your happiness of the day.
  • Never misjudge the loveliness of laughing – Fake smiles can ruin the entire picture. Thus, it is suggested that you loosen up a bit for the photos and smile genuinely. Your pleasant behavior can lighten up the atmosphere and cheer others up to for the photo.
  • Stand straight – It is just your day, so don’t miss on any opportunity to make it most momentous and glorious. Don’t become too conscious with your pose or with looks. Breathe easily and stand straight, even if you are exhausted. A better posture can help you feel relaxed and let out your nervousness out of you.
  • Stay calm – Wedding day is a busy day, so don’t let the work and pressure take over to you.


Wedding photography tips

A great photo can be developed from the romantic look given by the bride to the groom the very second when they are legally married. At the same time, the smile of pleasure from their parents, or a laugh triggered from a private joke shared between the best man and bridesmaid can become a refreshing memory for time immemorial. Such natural expressions of passion will summarize the entire feel of the wedding day. Those split second moments give opportunities for great photos that can be cherished forever.


  • Family photo coordinator – On the wedding day guests move everywhere and are in high celebration spirit. Ensure that you involve them as well into your photo session.
  • Preparation in advance – Visit the venue, get the details about the wedding as well as have a back up plan in case of bad weather. It will be good, if you attend the rehearsals.
  • Shot of the bride – Make sure you get great shots of the bride as she is main beauty of the day.
  • Recognize what the couple desire – Find out the expectations of the couples and also have another photographer moving around. In this way the formal shots including ceremony and speeches are captured, whereas the other photographer takes candid shots.
  • Be bold but not interfering – Timing is everything when it comes to clicking photos. If you have hired a professional, then there is nothing that you need to think or worry about. They will ensure to capture all the special moments of the day, so that you can relish its memory throughout your life.

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Robin is a wedding planner, and he has been offering his expert services to his clients for many years now. He also writes about how you could customize your wedding announcements and make your guests feel really special.

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