Partying in Style: The Top 5 Celebrity Hen-Dos

The stars are renowned for celebrating in style, and their hen-dos are no exception. Making the most of their pre-nuptial nights out before settling down into (sometimes) brief matrimony, celebrity ladies don’t do things by halves. Whether you’re a lover of luxury or more of a stay at home gal it’s guaranteed that these celebs- who party hard and splash the cash- will give you some ideas about what to do (or what not to do!) on your final night as a free woman:

5) Ulrika Jonsson

In 2003, donning a pair of angel wings, this presenter headed out for a wild night on the town with her girls. Visiting Sketch nightclub in London, the soon to be Mrs Gerrard-Wright partied hard and saw off her single days with a bang!

4) Liz Hurley

Fashion fan Liz did her hen-do in style- literally! Getting Donatella Versace herself to organise a private fashion show, complete with Champagne and nibbles is up there when it comes to discussing the most extravagant hen-dos in history. Not to mention Miss Hurley arranged for her guests to choose some couture dresses to wear to the ceremony. Now that’s true luxury! I bet the wedding photos were gorgeous…

3) Cheryl Cole

Although she’s no longer with her husband (love rat Ashley Cole) Cheryl had an extravagant girly hen night in London. Renowned for her partying ways, she reportedly ran up over £742 on a bar bill at London night club Umbaba. Swigging pink champagne with her Girls Aloud band-mates and getting into her groove on the dance floor, you can assume Cheryl had a fantastic hen night.

2) Kate Middleton

Whilst she’s constantly being scrutinized by our press (and, indeed, the world press), Kate’s hen night was surprisingly low key. Organised by her sister Pippa (yes, that one!) Kate celebrated her impending nuptials with a quiet evening at home, attended by close friends and family. Privacy was the main focus here, but if I had to guess, I’d say behind closed doors, the future Queen did just what any other bride-to-be would do on her hen night- had a drink, had a gossip with her girls, and just had fun!

1) Katie Price (Jordan)

Her marriages may not last long, but let’s face it: if anyone’s going to know how to throw a wild hen night, its glamour model Jordan. Her latest hen night before her marriage to Alex Reid saw her drinking cocktails and enjoying male strippers at the Mayfair Hotel in London. She was also presented with a Barbie wedding cake featuring the doll in a huge pink dress. Well, if you’re going for it, I say GO FOR IT.

From hen nights in London to partying in Vegas, these girls have done it all. Whose hen night would you most like to experience?

Tessa Pillar is a freelance writer currently living in Bath, UK. Her work has been published on a number of websites and she enjoys writing on a variety of topics from entertainment to lifestyle.

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