Plain Wedding Bands

With their unfussy style and clean lines, plain wedding bands are always in style and are perpetual favorites for both brides and grooms. These timeless rings are classics for good reason: they’re simply chic and they allow the meaning behind them to take center stage.

The simple styling of plain wedding bands allows the meaning inherent in them to come to the forefront. Although every wedding ring is a symbol of eternity and the never-ending nature of the love and commitment in a marriage relationship, bands with straightforward style present this symbolism in a manner that’s undistracted and gorgeously clear. The basic, circular shape of these bands has no beginning or end, creating unmistakable pictures of love that never runs out.

Since plain wedding bands are simple styles, the metal that you choose can make a big difference in their appearance. Both yellow gold and white gold are classic picks; yellow gold offers a sunny shine that captures that warmth of your love with timeless class, while white gold celebrates your bond with cool, modern beauty. If you like the idea of gold, but are seeking a slightly less traditional twist, consider a plain wedding ring crafted from rose gold, a warm metal with a hint of pink.

Of course, gold isn’t your only option when you’re looking for a plain wedding band. Platinum offers a white, light shine and is known for its incredibly rarity, sterling silver combines affordability and cool good looks and titanium offers remarkable strength along with a sleek, gray sheen. Each metal brings its own personality to plain wedding bands, and the unfussy designs of these bands allow them to gorgeously showcase the natural beauty of each one.

The finish of classic wedding bands also plays a big role in their appearance. A polished finish provides a classic look with eye-catching shine, while a brushed finish gives off a sense of understated, modern class. You also have the option of selecting a simple wedding band that combines these two finishes, using one as a border for the other, creating textural contrast that draws the eye.

If you’d rather a slightly bolder touch of contrast, consider plain wedding bands that combine two differently-colored metals to add eye-catching touches to simple styles. These two-tone classic wedding rings are versatile and classy, able to seamlessly coordinate with any jewelry collection.

If you’d prefer a plain wedding band that’ ever-so-slightly dressed up, milgrain wedding bands are ideal picks. “Milgrain” is a French word that means “thousand grains,” and it’s not hard to see why when you see a ring that features this stylistic element. This delicate beaded edging really does resemble lines of tiny grains, and adds an upscale, sophisticated touch to plain wedding rings.

While plain wedding bands aren’t fancy, they project a sense of timeless class as well as a powerful message. By portraying the endless love and commitment in a marriage and presenting it in simple, beautiful fashion, these rings will always be in good taste.

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