Plan The Perfect Office Party

Whether it’s the Christmas season or an end of year celebration, every company deserves a proper party at least once a year. If you’re in charge of this year’s festivities, you’re probably looking for ways to make sure it’s the absolute best event it can be to show the company’s employees just how much all of their hard work is appreciated. Use these party-planning tips to create an office event everyone will be talking about for years to come.

  1. Use an amazing caterer. If you get the food right, your guests are basically guaranteed to be satisfied. Without some delicious morsels to munch on while they socialise, it’s difficult to get anyone in a festive mood. Use a corporate catering company that specialises in tasty, sophisticated food to make it clear that every staff member is truly valued. The caterer should be able to produce chef-standard dishes at a relatively low cost, and make sure you have the option of mixing and matching to come up with the perfect platters for the atmosphere of your office party.
  2. Have a variety of drink options. Things can get a little messy when you set up an open bar at an office party, so avoid that problem in advance by using drink tickets. This will also help you cut costs. Not everyone wants to sip on an alcoholic drink at their office party, so offer virgin cocktails and plenty of decent non-alcoholic options to provide variety and great tasting alternatives.
  3. Get the timing right. An office party can quickly fall flat if you set the date at a time that isn’t convenient for the guests. Make sure the date is set for a day when there aren’t deadlines to be met or important meetings being held. The last day before a common leave period usually works well. Check around the office to ensure that the majority of the office staff is happy with the prospective date.
  4. Consider a change of scenery. Getting out of the office can provide a welcome break for the staff. You may want to host the party at a local bar, or in a nearby park if the weather is pleasant. Simply offering a change of scenery from the usual desks and paperwork can help create a more relaxed atmosphere.
  5. Incorporate a charitable cause. It’s always great to use your office social events to help a worthy charitable cause. Team up with a charity in your area that you think most of the staff will be happy to support and incorporate some fundraising into the party. You may want to charge a small donation cost for admission that will be directly donated to the charity, or hold a raffle with prizes that will encourage staff members to donate. This ethical outlook could boost office morale while giving back to the community.
  6. Build a team. It’s near impossible to plan an entire office event on your own, especially if you have plenty of other work responsibilities to consider. Organise a small team of enthusiastic colleagues to help you out. More support will allow for more varied ideas and, hopefully, a more successful party. Delegate various responsibilities to different members of the team so no one person is overwhelmed by tasks to complete.

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