Planning A Stag Do To Remember (For All The Right Reasons)

So you were well chuffed when you were asked to be the best man, but now that it’s come to organising a stag do, you’re beginning to feel the pressure? Never fear. It’s not as bad as you think. Let’s break it down into the essentials, so you know what you need to organise and can tick each thing off when it’s done.

Consult with the Stag

The stag do is for the groom, so talk to him to get an idea of what kind of party he wants and who he would like invited to the party. Try to keep numbers under 20 as anything more than that can become difficult to handle. When you two have decided on a guest list, get all of the invitees contact details from the groom so you can get in touch with them about the stag do.

Contact the Invitees

Send out an email to everyone with some possible dates for the stag do. Go with the date on which most people are free. NB: Do not under any circumstances throw a stag do the night before the wedding. Hell hath no fury like a woman’s scorn and a hungover husband-to-be is not what a bride wants to see on her wedding day. It’s best to organise the party for a night about two or three weeks before the wedding ceremony.

Plan Activities

You’ll need to decide on activities for the stag do to keep everyone entertained. There’s no limit to what you can do – it just depends on the group of people and the groom’s personality and interests. If you think an activity weekend would go down well, you could book a mini bus and go paintballing down the country. Booking a bus means that if you all go out for drinks afterwards, everyone can join in the fun and no one has to worry about driving at the end of the night.

Food and Accommodation

Other things you might want to remember when planning a stag do include food and accommodation. You’ll need to eat at some point and if you’re going far afield you’ll need to think about accommodation too. Food isn’t difficult as you can just research restaurants near wherever you decide to go and call in advance to make a booking for your large group. Likewise, a quick Google search should help you out here. It doesn’t have to be the Ritz – people may not end up going to bed at all, so you don’t want to shell out too much for the rooms.

Throughout the organisation of the stag do, remember that it’s for the groom first and foremost. You’re his best man, so you should know him well enough to know he likes. When the day finally does come round, don’t stress out about things that don’t go as planned – you did your work, now just enjoy the day with everyone else.

This article was written by Jack Costello who used mini bus hire Dublin when planning his brother’s stag do.




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