Proper Flower Presents in January and February

Although it is the start of the year and the variety of flowers is not that big, you should always remember that the end of the winter and the first moments of spring during January and February are perfect for flower gifts. There are multiple occassions during those two months-starting with New Year‘s Eve. What better way to lift your spirit and brighten your mood than a proper flower gift? This article will explain to you everything about the flowers you can give and receive during the first two months of the year.
Since it is a very cold season, January can‘t offer a lot of naturally growing flowers but if you want to pick the right flower to present as a gift it would be a good idea for you to choose some variation of the iris flower-its rich violet colors would look fresh on a snowy background. Also, if you want to give something even more beautiful and exotic you should at least try to get your hands on the exquisite Bird of Paradise flower. In the cold winter, no other plant else can provide so much emotional warmth. The lovely alstroemeria is also a great choice. Its artistic outlook will come as a great gift during a celebration day. Presenting a gift in a proper way is very important part of making someone happy. Remember-gifts are the easiest way to lift one’s spirit and the cheapest gift is a flower. To sum up, January is a cold season, full of occasions for celebration and flowers are a necessity for it. Aim for scarlet, violet and orange colors when you chose flowers. They fit the season the best.

February is pretty much the month of romance and love so the fact that no gesture is more memorable to a woman than the gift of flowers is very useful information especially if Valentine’s Day is coming close. Giving flowers is the smallest gift and leaves one of the most lasting impressions. On that day not only will men have to get a hold of a flower, but they will have to pick the most beautiful and give it in the most romantic way. Of course, for February you need to present the flower of love-the rose. Color will have to depend on the girl’s taste. Whatever rose you give it will signify love and it will be a proof for your romantic nature. The best colors for a rose are usually the slightly pale ones but remember-if you want to be passionate choose a screaming color and if you want to be quiet choose something soft and tender. An interesting fact about roses is that it is the flower that has been preferred by people since the ancient times. It is probably the most beloved and famous flower in history. Love is the strongest emotion and since flowers evoke emotion it is only natural that the rose should be the queen of all flowers. Flowers were being thrown at the feet of Roman Emperors. Cleopatra’s bed and rooms were decorated with roses. It is the ultimate flower and giving it will demonstrate your strong feelings. A great choice would be if you attach a short text from a beautiful poetic verse to the rose. It is traditional and regardless of how conservative you are it always works.

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