Selecting the appropriate men’s shoes

Whoever says that only women are into shoes? Believe it or not there are men who have a cabinet full of shoes. At the same time there are also women who don’t care on the shoes she is wearing. If you ask me, both men and women should give importance to the shoes they are wearing. Shoes are no longer a luxury but a necessity. Moreover, there are people who based their impression on the shoes that someone is wearing. For this article, let’s focus more on men’s shoes.

There are men who are really picky on the shoes that they have to wear. They are not only concerned with the overall conditions of the shoes. They also give great importance to the style of each pair of shoes . There are also those who loved their shoes too much that they opt to cancel events that do not allow such style of shoes or even change their outfits once they noticed that they are not matching your skin color.

There exist some general rules when selecting men’s shoes. These are basic rules that you could follow and this definitely help you pick the appropriate shoes for you. First and foremost, go for shoes that are either of the same color tone or darker than your pants. Never settle for a color that is lighter. Having a darker color gives off a look of formality. Secondly, you don’t need to match the color of your socks to the color of your shoes. There are actually people who matched the colors of their shoes with the colors of their belt. There is nothing wrong with this; however, too much partnering of colors may get a little annoying. Your socks are actually very much similar to ties – they bring your the get-up together. Lastly, as much as possible, make sure that your shoe color matches that of your belly.

There is no pair of shoes that is applicable to all outfits. If you are wearing jeans, you can go for any style and color of shoes that you like. The sky is the limit. You can go for boots such as mens square toed cowboy boots, sneakers, sandals and loafers. Meanwhile, if you are wearing casual pants you also have a variety shoes to match with it. You can either choose from chinos, khakis and Dockers. If you are on dress pants, you can still follow the guides discussed to you earlier.

These are just some of the reminders that I can give for men who would want to explore the world of shoes. If you don’t have the necessary budget, you can always go and look for cheaper ones but of good quality.


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