How your sense of fashion influences your design choices

The key design trend over the last few years, and one that shows no sign of waning is the individualization of the home to reflect the tastes and personality of the person or people who live in it.

Mixing fashion with interiors

There are some obvious similarities between the world of fashion and the world of interior decorating. Both use fabric and color, and both use design to make a particular statement. For example, fashion cut in a classic style makes a statement about the wearer, just as a room decorated in a funky style says a lot about the home’s resident.

Establish your personality

But why mix fashion with interior design? Because it is a truly great way to stamp your personality on your home and help you create a signature look, and because a fashion-inspired interior is relatively easy to achieve. Often, a unique look can be achieved by using what is already present in the home, simply recycled, upcycled or repurposed.

Current trends

By using fashion to influence your design ideas, you will be following some of the interior decorating world’s hottest trends. Blending is a key word in this area, mixing traditional materials, such as wood and fabrics, with brand new items and bold, vibrant colors. Modern interiors are endeavoring to reflect personality just as much as the way a person dresses does, so creativity and ingenuity is key.

How to do it

If you are starting an interior from scratch, getting your room just right should be easy. Choose contemporary, trending colors for the big areas in the room, such as the walls, and do not be afraid to be bold in their use. Forget uniformity in furniture: mix things up a little with items made from different materials, and even hailing from different eras. For example, if you have an item, such as an armchair, that is looking a little tired, consider having it re-upholstered in a fabric featuring one of the hot colors for the year. Alternatively, re-use fabric from vintage clothing by turning it into cushion covers or a table runner.

Almost anything personal can become a decorative item. Jewelry for example, can be presented as a collection when framed, so can scarves and fans. Do not hide away all your fashion purchases. Instead, put them on display, so if you have a penchant for high-heel shoes, put up shelves in your bedroom to show them off, and put them easily within reach.

Furnishing the room

Of course, if you are a fashion lover, you are going to need somewhere to put all the clothes you have bought, or made. Beautiful clothes need beautiful wardrobes, and remember you can always customize a piece of furniture with paint, either painting on pictures or writing out a quote that has a personal meaning to you.

Join the trend for bringing a little personality to your home by mixing your fashion taste with your interior design style, and make a statement in every room.

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