Significant Elements When Planning Your Wedding

Of course you want to ensure everything goes according to plan on your wedding day. There are just so many aspects to consider that it’s quite easy to lose track when multitasking. So before you book your wedding reception venues, take a look at some of the significant features you need to consider when planning your day.

  1. Your Budget

This is the most important place to start. You might have always dreamt of a fairy tale wedding or extravagant day, but it can cost a lot of money. And there are just so many aspects to include in the wedding that are necessities. What’s more, you don’t want to spend your life saving’s on the wedding day and not have anything at the start of your new life as husband and wife. So start by creating your budget and determining the maximum amount you can spend. Be sure to negotiate with all service providers or even resort to DIY decorations to help you save.

  1. Your Guest List

Before you even look at wedding reception venues or choose a menu, you’ll need to determine how many people will be attending the wedding. Those numbers are going to greatly decide your venue and menu. Take your time preparing the guest list so you don’t miss out on vip family and friends and get a good idea of who is going to attend.

  1. Reserving Dates And Wedding Reception Venues

Once you have a rough estimate of guest numbers, then you can start looking at dates and venues. The venue is going to have to be big enough for the number of guest who will attend and should suit your ideas for décor and menu. Be sure to make an informed decision according to the size of the guest list as well as the weather at the time of year you plan to get married. (Recommended read planning for a outdoor wedding.)

  1. The Wedding Party

Here’s another significant number: how many people will be in the wedding party? Once you’ve picked the venue and date, choose your bridesmaids and best man who can help with the rest of the planning. Don’t forget to consider flower girls and ring bearers and to budget for their outfits and possibly even gifts.

  1. Service Providers

Just how many service providers will you need? Does the venue do the catering or will you need an external caterer? How many heads need to be catered for? How many chairs and tables will you need? How many table arrangements and flower bouquets?

There are a lot of services you will need for the wedding – from catering and waiters to drivers, decorators, videographers, photographers, DJ and so on. Don’t forget to book the cake maker, florist and even car valets if necessary.

  1. Sending out Invitations

Besides considering how many invitations you will need and how much they will cost, you need to keep in mind dates to send out the invites. A month before the wedding is usually rule of thumb for sending out the invitations as this gives guests enough time to plan their trip, reply, book accommodation if necessary, and buy their outfits as well as your gift.

  1. Delegating Tasks

With all these numbers to consider, it’s a good idea to share the load. Especially as the big day creeps up on you, you may just lose track of numbers and tasks. Delegate some tasks to your wedding party and family, such as asking them to tip service providers after the reception or ushering guests in during the ceremony.

  1. Check and Double Check

Finally, just before the big day go through all your numbers again – from checking on the budget to ensuring there are enough meals catered for your guests; enough flower arrangements; enough table arrangements; enough chairs and tablecloths to enough outfits, the right amount of rings and that all service providers have been paid.

Image credit: SDMichael

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