Simple, Small Day

Weddings don’t have to be about expense and extravagance, and after the rise cost of a wedding in todays society, it’s no surprise that more and more couples are opting for a smaller affair.

Is this is something that you are your partner fancy, and then here are a few tips and ideas to create the perfect intimate wedding.


Choose a location that best fits your day. If you are only inviting a small number of guests then try and opt a venue that isn’t too big as it may begin to look a little empty if you choose a castle for instance.  An intimate setting like a beautiful listed building or manor house will work beautifully and will reflect your day perfectly. You can create your own personally touches with the décor, which can help to fill rooms out if they are bigger then you had hoped for, summer brides can take full advantage of the fresh flowers on offer and create beautiful floral displays, and winter brides can take full advantage of the seasons and decorate a massive Christmas tree especially for the venue.


Fill out venues with gorgeous floral displays for summer and spring weddings, and rustic warming Christmas trees and garlands for autumn and winter weddings.

It’s important to put your own personal touches to your day, and the easiest way of doing that is with decorations décor. These personal touches will help create that intimate atmosphere that is key to small weddings.


Why not opt for a tea party style dinner rather than an opulent offering of succulent courses. Finger food is perfect for events like this and is a great way of saving money. You could even get friends and family to help out with baking cakes- what a wonderful way to spend the run up to your big day!

Its your day so ensure that everything is done just the way you like it, and by doing some research and maybe a bit of DIY wedmin along the way you are sure to shave pounds off your budget in no time.

Written by Steph Payne

Steph is a blogger and PR Girl for The Watch Hut, the UK’s largest watch website. Steph is a keen beauty and fashion addict, and also a bride to be herself, so anything to do with weddings is always of great interest to her! Follow Steph on Twitter – @watchhut_ Steph


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