Three Great Colours for Menswear for Spring 2015

Every season, colour gurus Pantone announce the hottest colours for men and women’s fashion, and colours for interior design. Often, the men’s and women’s palettes are reasonably similar, with the same sort of colour themes and the differences mainly being in terms of making slightly more feminine hues masculine. However, for spring 2015, Pantone’s top 10 chosen shades for men and women are actually quite different. Here, we take a look at three great colours to add to your wardrobe for the spring 2015 season if you are a man looking to be on trend and in style!


Photo by Scott Lewis

Dusk Blue

Dusk blue is an understated shade of blue that is calming and relaxed. It is a great colour for casual wear, as it is reminiscent of denim, however if can also look great for more formal looking button down shirts, or can be a subtle, classy shade to wear as a tie with a grey suit. When it comes to matching dusk blue to other colours from Pantone’s spring 2015 men’s top ten, as you might expect it looks wonderful with grey, so the glacier grey that Pantone have chosen is the perfect pairing. Oddly, despite the old adage that ‘blue and green should never be seen’, Pantone also recommend contrasting dusk blue with a shade called treetop green, which is an earthy, rich forest green. Because these are both fairly muted shades, the partnership works very well and doesn’t clash.


Marsala is actually Pantone’s general ‘Colour of the Year’ for 2015, and will be everywhere, in men’s clothing, women’s clothing, and interior design. It is a beautiful reddy brown, reminiscent of the wine of the same name (as you might expect), and it has a rich warmth that is classy yet interesting. Marsala can be worn on comfy light knit sweaters (especially nice when they are made of cashmere), it looks expensive and elegant when used in men’s shirts worn with or without a jacket, and can also be a great accent colour for accessories like ties, or even shoes. This colour is likely to stick around for the whole year, so when buying spring pieces, you can also consider whether they can continue to be worn through the following seasons.

Lavender Herb

For men who aren’t afraid of softer hues, lavender herb is a subtle yet masculine light purple shade, which is going to be huge for spring 2015. This is another colour that works great for accents with a grey or black suit, but it is also very suitable for more casual pieces like polo shirts, giving a flattering look on most skin tones. It pairs well with the very neutral toasted almond shade that also features in Pantone’s top 10 for the season.

The colours for spring 2015 for menswear are subtle, muted and calming, with a hint of nostalgia. Update your wardrobe ready for spring with some of these great shades, and you can keep up with the trends while still looking smart and classy!

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