Tips for Better Event Set Design

When you’re planning any event, there are naturally many elements that you have to try and get right. One area you should never miss is set design, because set design is critical to the success of an event. The stage setup is the focal point for the entire room, so it has to be done right. So, here are some helpful tips to ensure that you get the set design exactly right.


Tip 1: Hire a Professional Team

The importance of getting set design just right and making the right impression at your event warrants investing some budget into outside help. A professional events company can lend their expertise to creating the perfect set design that incorporates all of the below tips and more. When you’ve got a million things to think about, having pros to handle set design is a huge weight off your shoulders as you know it will be finished to a high standard and you can simply offer input of your own vision.


Tip 2: It’s All About the Audience

Regardless of your event space size, the number of attendees, or how grand or simple the event is going to be, the set design has to be audience-centric. You have to consider the many places in the room from which the audience will see the set.


If you have a keynote speaker, can all audience members see the speaker clearly? Does the sound travel around the room? Can everyone read the core message or slogan that you have on the backdrop? Are your sponsors’ logos clearly visible to the audience? When planning a set design, it’s crucial to remember that the audience is the primary customer.


Tip 3: Don’t Clutter the Space

Some are tempted to add more features to the stage that they believe add style, gravitas or a more imposing presence. In reality, an overcrowded set is just cluttered and busy. All it really does is create an unsettling distraction for the audience.


The stage needs a clean, seamless look, and also needs to be clear of any signs that this is a staged event: wires, cables, computers, cords and other gear, for example. The presence of any of these items shatters the illusion of the event. It’s odd to say, but while everyone knows they’re at a staged event, there should be no reminders of that fact in the form of stray cables and laptops.


Tip 4: Never Skip Lighting

It’s never a good idea to invest a great deal in top set design if you don’t also include the lights. Good lighting not only helps draw audience attention to the right places on the set, but it creates the right atmosphere, adds a wow factor and also a sense of dynamism that audiences respond well to.


LED lighting is a good choice that some professional teams will recommend. Regardless of cost, it’s a good option because they produce a lot less heat than traditional forms of lighting. That will help your MC and other on-stage speakers and performers to be more comfortable.


Tip 5: Promote Eco-Friendly Practices

Take steps to make your set design as eco-friendly as possible, and be sure that your audience, be it in-person or online, knows about those practices. For example, you could reduce waste by using repurposed or recycled materials for the backdrop, and LED lighting in the lights to save energy. Anything you can say and do to promote your green credentials is good for your event.


Follow these tips and your set design will be perfect both to your online and in-person audiences.

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