Tips For Planning the Perfect After Party

Have you offered to host an after party? Whether you’re joining a large group at a private event or have taken advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupon and snagged a tickpick coupon for great rates to a local concert, hosting the after party can be just as much fun as the event itself. No doubt you’re experiencing a combination of nervousness and anticipation. Follow these back to basic recommendations perfect for both the novice and seasoned host. Let the planning begin.

Every great event is the result of advance planning. The first steps are to determine your budget, headcount and venue. Armed with this information, you can begin to plan for the menu and the guests. If you’re expecting to return home with a large crowd, preparing as much as possible in advance is the key to success. Recruit another party goer to be your partner in crime when you return home. While you’re making the final preparations your cohost can be offered guests a welcome drink.

Plan a menu that can be prepared in advance. You certainly don’t want to be stuck in the kitchen chopping vegetables just as your return home. A crock pot or pressure cooker with your favorite soup or stew is perfect for such an occasion. Toss a salad that you’ve prepared in advance and put a loaf of fresh bread in the oven for warming. Have several appetizers options available as you’ll most likely have a hungry crowd on your hands.

The easiest way to serve a large crowd is by setting up a buffet table. This can easily be completed the day of or the day before the event. Have plates, flatware rolled in napkins and space available for serving dished. Select a bouquet of flowers for the centerpiece. In a separate area, set up a bar and have alcoholic as well as non-alcoholic options available. Plenty of glasses and ice should complete your bar set up.

String party lights or balloons commemorating the occasion on the day prior to the event. Designate an area for coats and pocket books and select a play list. You’ve now managed to make all the arrangements in advance for what is sure to be an incredibly delightful evening for you and your guests. Cheers!

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