Wedding Cake Trends of 2014

One of any couples main focuses prior to their wedding day is to ensure they organise a wedding cake that makes dreams come true. It’s quite easy to get hold of inspiration during such an exciting time, especially with bridal magazines packed full of the latest trends, styles and ideas.

You might be particularly keen on tradition and prefer a classic white wedding cake or perhaps something a little more modern, with new flavours such as chocolate becoming all the more popular.

However, there are plenty of wedding cake trends out there that are capable of providing you with all sorts of inspiring tips and ideas, so here are a few wedding cake trends that are sure to provide you with a new perspective on what you could potentially achieve with your wedding cake.

Modern Cakes

Traditional wedding cakes were often restricted to certain styles, colours and flavours. With modern inspiration now much more commonplace at weddings and during wedding preparations, many of the traditional aspects of a wedding are being adjusted to suit more contemporary styles and preferences.

Many modern brides now see wedding cakes as an excellent opportunity to display contemporary styles and dimensions, with changes to colour, flavour and icing being far more common nowadays. The definition of a modern wedding cake is ultimately the retention of many traditional aspects of a wedding cake, albeit with a little more improvisation and detail.

Modern wedding cakes are often given specific themes, such as flowers and imagery or culture and beauty. Specific themes can affect every aspect of the cake, including the shape, dimensions and even the quantity.

Miniature Cakes

If you’ve ever thought about alternatives to having to slice through such a beautifully presented cake, miniature wedding cakes might just be the answer. This modern alternative is becoming increasingly popular as couples look to find new ways to display their wedding cake and provide guests with scrumptious samples.

Miniature cakes can be assembled into a mesmerising tower formation that matches the elegance of a traditional cake. You have the option of varying the flavours in each miniature cake to surprise the guests, from chocolate and vanilla to fruit and coffee.

They can even be iced and decorated to an astounding level of detail which can also be based entirely on your chosen theme. The formation of the cakes when presented would prove to be a major spectacle and one that is certainly capable of living up to the expectations of your wedding day.

Novelty Cakes

Novelty alternatives to a traditional cake are becoming a hugely popular choice, especially as we are gradually searching for alternatives to the stubborn traditions and expectations generally associated with weddings. For those who want their wedding cake to be fun, exciting and a little more innovative than usual, a novelty cake might be the answer.

You can have one designed to reflect your personalities or perhaps something you both have in common, or maybe something a little more artistic to create a truly memorable centrepiece cake.

Novelty cakes give you the chance to use your own imagination to create something people will be really fascinated with, whether you choose something artistic, decorative, symbolic or funny!

Wedding Cupcakes

In a similar way to miniature wedding cakes, cupcakes can be presented in towers so that they are beautifully presented and more than capable of living up to the high expectations of your wedding day.

If you’d prefer to have one large wedding cake as the main centrepiece, there’s always room for wedding cupcakes to accompany the wedding cake and provide what is proving to be an extremely popular alternative to the traditional presentation of a wedding cake. You can have hugely detailed cupcakes that are decorated to suit your specific preferences, whether it’s a particular colour scheme, flavour or cultural design that you’re after.

Cupcakes have always been a major trend at weddings but they have emerged as a true highlight of any cake presentation, offering various flavour alternatives to the centrepiece cake and providing each of your guests with a wonderfully flavoured and presented alternative to a slice of wedding cake.

Traditional Cakes

Traditional cakes are still hugely popular as couples look to replicate the stunning elegance of a traditional wedding celebration and they could still be a trend for many years to come.

The traditional white icing, beautifully layered sponge and fruity base are the picture of class and luxury, providing the idyllic finish to any traditional wedding day. Marzipan is a traditional ingredient that has often been used to coat the sponge and even create stunningly detailed patterns that enhance the cakes style and luxuriousness even more.

However, there are many ways in which this traditional style of wedding cake has been adjusted to suit contemporary trends, including the addition of new flavours for each tier and various other experimental flavour combinations.

Another trend that is currently de rigueur is to have a summer wedding and hire a marquee for your wedding breakfast. With set ups for all sizes and types of weddings, you don’t have to worry so much about the size of your dream venue if you can also benefit from the outside space.

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