Wedding Planning Tips – Choosing The Right Vehicle

So you’re planning your big day, everything is finally coming together then your dearly beloved suggests a Hummer Limo to transport the wedding party to the wedding reception. Apart from cringing and telling your other half what a horrible monstrosity they are, it’ll at least get you thinking about suitable types of wedding transport. How do you want to arrive at the wedding? Do you want to arrive in style? Do you want to go traditional? Do you want to be totally bohemian and arrive in a Volkswagen camper van? The type of transport you arrive in depends on the style of wedding and of course your individual choice.
We suggest that you think very carefully about the car you like to use to arrive at your wedding venue as hire cars can be rather expensive. If you are going down this route make sure you understand the costs to hire the car and any extras which might inflate your costs.
Twenties or thirties-era cars are perfect if you’ve gone for a more traditional wedding look and want to cap it off with something stylish yet elegant. Cars such as Rolls Royce vintage limousines are the types you should be looking at. If you are unaware what these types of cars are, think films such as The Godfather II and Bugsy Malone. In the 20’s and 30’s these cars were seen as the height of class and sophistication, only the very wealthy and well-connected people had the opportunity to drive them.
The next era worth drawing inspiration from is years 1940 to 1960, this era witnessed the birth of rock ‘n’ roll where girls ate at diners and found their sweetheart at the homecoming dance. Cars from this era are ideal if you have a fun theme and you don’t take yourself too seriously. They also work well if you’re having a 50’s themed wedding and can add to that true 50’s feel. Cars such as a Cadilac Sedan or Chevrolet Belair are the types of models you need to look at.
For the more bohemian wedding there’s only one way you can arrive – in a Volkswagen microbus The original hippy vehicle is the car you need if you want to arrive in true 60’s hippy style. The microbus is the perfect touch for any wedding and works well for those on a budget as they are cheap to hire.

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