What to Wear to a Spring Wedding

Spring is a beautiful time to have a wedding, but choosing the right attire as a guest isn’t as easy as it sounds. While spring fashion in general leans toward casual wear and lighter tones, weddings are formal occasions, and proper dress is still required. Further complicating the issue is the unpredictable weather of spring — unlike a typical July day, spring weddings can range from summer hot to winter cold, with wind, rain and even snow threatening to mess up wardrobe plans.

While you’ll have to keep the weather in perspective as you come up with your outfit, you certainly have options in the spring. Here’s a breakdown for gents and ladies for how to go about choosing the right attire for the next spring wedding on your social calendar.


Women’s Outfits

You can’t go wrong with a dress in the spring, and as the season approaches, many stores will be wheeling out their new spring collections. Don’t limit yourself to malls and department stores. Head out to your local boutiques and vintage shops to find a truly unique dress. You may be able to find a great bargain on these dresses, but you’re guaranteed to come across a selection that isn’t matched in department stores.

A skirt is another great alternative, particularly one of the flowing A-line varieties, as long as it’s elegant enough for a wedding. One great option with skirt and blouse combos is your ability to add a cardigan over the top, giving you a little flexibility in regards to temperature. With both skirts and dresses, you can also line up a pair of tights to wear on chilly days.

Silk dresses, drop earrings and metallic shoes are also popular options you can count on seeing plenty of this spring. And always remember that lighter colors reign supreme at this time of year.

Men’s Outfits

Dark suits tend to rule the day among men, but spring is the best time to break that mold and try something different. A gray suit would be great in this season, but you could also pair your dark pants with a lighter jacket and a beautiful tie. While it’s a little less formal, you could even go with khakis paired with other light colors and a jacket.

A formal blazer with dress pants could also work out well, especially when contrasted by a lighter colored shirt. No matter what you wear, make sure there are some lighter colors to provide a contrast. An all-dark suit will seem excessive for the time of year and will make you stand out in a bad way. You could even ditch the tie entirely and go open-collar if you have a nice shirt to go under a jacket, depending on the formality of the wedding.

As far as footwear goes, a loafer is a great casual dress shoe perfectly suited to the season. Consider accessories like a bold tie and tie clip to add a little flair without going over the top.

Dressing for formal events can always be a little stressful, but the key is planning ahead. Find out the location and expected weather of the event and put together options for various scenarios. As the day approaches, you can get a better idea of your attire needs and should have no problem impressing friends and family at the wedding.

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