Reviving the Pure Joy of Event Planning with PureJoy Events Blog

Despite its cessation in 2024, the PureJoy Events Blog is a treasure trove hosting a plethora of advice for everything that’s event-related. The contents range from wedding planning advice to fashion trends to gift ideas. Culled and frozen in time by the Wayback Machine, it remains an accessible and timeless vault for anyone with a love for event planning. Here’s a closer look at some of the captivating topics the blog addresses.

How Your Sense of Fashion Influences Your Design Choices

Our sense of style, according to a post on March 11, 2015, is a direct reflection of our character. Consequently, interior design choices become profoundly influenced by fashion leanings. Adopting individualistic design trends was emphasized in this post, indicating that personal style is inherently valuable for creating chase-free, timeless space designs.

Beach Wear for Plus-Size Women

Highlighting the then increasingly welcoming world of fashion, the blog shared swimsuit advice for plus-size women on February 27, 2015. The skirtini was presented as a vibrant and sexy alternative to traditional plus-size offerings, fostering self-confidence and body positivity in the process.

Creating the Perfect Wedding Ambiance

In a post from February 25, 2015, readers were given six polished tips for ensuring that wedding entertainment measures up to the event’s high stakes. Music, an integral part of the festivities, was given the spotlight it deserves as a way to set the right tone, uplift the atmosphere and make the event a memorable one.

Embracing Natural Beauty

Natural skincare treatments were applauded in a February 20, 2015 post. Mirroring the increased opportunities for natural, eco-friendly beauty treatments, this post emphasised that this trend was not just beneficial for individuals, but also a step towards protecting our environment.

What to Expect from Your Wedding Venue

A Valentine’s Day post in 2015 discussed the expectations one should hold for their wedding venue. With the assumption of myriad responsibilities that come with the words ‘I do,’ it offered valuable advice about being prepared and organised for ensuring that the selected venue meets all requirements.

Caring For Your Valuables

The post on February 12, 2015, noted the importance of regular watch servicing. Besides maintaining its appearance, frequent upkeep also prolongs the watch’s overall life span and functionality, emphasising that objects of value require careful handling and consistent care.

Last-Minute Gift Ideas

The blog provided respite from stressful last-minute shopping with its post on January 23, 2015. It offered quick yet thoughtful gift suggestions for fathers, rescuing many from making hasty, less sentimental decisions.

Seasonal Fashion Trends

Menswear trends for spring 2015 were discussed on January 14, 2015. Deriving inspiration from Pantone’s seasonal colour announcements, the blog post explored the emerging men’s colour trends for the season, highlighting the synchrony between fashion and interior design.

American vs European Design in Fashion

A debate on fashion superiority between American and European design was sparked on January 14, 2015. Though both regions are seen as affluent, the difference in fashion aesthetics and influences were interestingly evaluated.

Crucial Elements of Wedding Planning

Posted on January 7, 2015, the blog shared insights into the significant aspects one should bear in mind while planning a wedding. From managing the date and venue details, to catering and décor, the comprehensive advice showcased the blog’s dedicated effort to make the big day go as smoothly as possible.

The PureJoy Events Blog remains a steady witness to the evolution of fashion, jewelry, gifts, and particularly, event planning, through the years. Its rich content continues to inspire and guide event enthusiasts to this day.