3 Thoughtful Anniversary Gifts For Your Loved One

Thinking of new and thoughtful anniversary gifts for your loved one can be difficult, especially if you have been together for many years. So, we have put together a collection of different anniversary gift ideas to give you some inspiration for your next anniversary. From vintage jewellery to scrapbooks, we have something for every budget that your loved one will adore!

Scavenger Hunt

The first thoughtful anniversary gift idea is to put on a scavenger hunt. Write a set of clues that will take you on a day out to all your favourite places as a couple. You might start at home and write a clue that takes you to your favourite brunch spot that you both love. From there, you might write another clue that leads you to play mini-golf, where you had your first date.

This can continue throughout the day, with multiple smaller locations like your local park or a coffee shop and then a few bigger ones, like your favourite restaurant or a fun activity. It will be such a fun day out for the both of you and it is also the perfect opportunity to reminisce about some of your most special memories as a couple.

Vintage Jewellery

For a bigger anniversary, a piece of vintage jewellery is the perfect gift. Any jewellery is lovely, however there is something so much more special about vintage jewellery. The depth of history that is inevitable with any piece of vintage jewellery is exciting and intriguing. Additionally, as vintage jewellery was made before mass production was used, each piece is unique and exceptionally well made.

The unique designs means you can choose something to show how well you know your partner. For example, you might choose a gold and emerald ring as you know green is their favourite colour and the fact that emeralds represent love and protection adds a sentimental touch to the gift. This is also a present that can be passed down generations and remind your children and their children of the love you shared.


Another wonderful way to mark your memories as a couple is to create a scrapbook. Whether you opt for a scrapbook focused on one particular holiday or you collect your memories from the last year, this is a great way to capture all your memories in one place that you can look over year after year.

Try to plan this in advance and take lots of pictures over the course of a year so that you have plenty to fill in. There are likely to be a few spare pages, so you can continue to add photos and memories together. This could be a yearly tradition that you and your family can enjoy.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it! A few different ideas to inspire you when it comes to thoughtful anniversary gifts. The most important thing is to put time and effort into the gift to show your partner that you really care.

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