6 Tips to Ensure Your Wedding Band Are a Hit

An important element in the success of your wedding is the entertainment. For a lot of people, music is the most vital part in this. Having music at your wedding gives everyone the opportunity to get up on the dance floor and have a great time. While many people opt for a DJ, there are plenty of benefits to hiring a live band to perform on your big day.

Firstly, you get to choose a genre of music you enjoy and that reflects your personality. Secondly, you get a much better atmosphere when a live band plays. Finally, watching a band perform is more entertaining visually than a DJ. If you have decided that a live entertainment is the best option for you and you’re considering hiring a live band for your wedding, read the following six tips to ensure your wedding band are a hit.

1) Ask lots of questions

When you are booking a band there are lots of questions you should ask first. Make sure you know exactly what is included in the price you are quoted and you know how long they will be playing for. This way you won’t have the shock of a blank spot in your wedding itinerary or nasty surprises on the big day.

2) Pick a genre

You cannot choose the best band for you until you have decided on a genre. This should ideally be one that both you and the person you are marrying enjoy. Bands that play a specific niche are usually better quality than bands that play all genres.

3) Always see the band live first

Don’t ever book a band that you haven’t seen yourself first. You might have heard good reviews about them or had a recommendation from a friend, but the only way you will really know how good they are is to check them out yourself.

4) Get a contract

For the benefit of both you and the band, you should always make sure there is a contract in place. A professional band will always do this. Having a contract will make sure that you are both in agreement about what is expected from them and when. It will also prevent them from cancelling on the day.

5) Book the venue and the band together

Once you have decided on a band to play at your wedding, it is best to book them and the venue at the same time. This way you are sure that the band and the venue are available at the same time. It may take some time for a band to set up so, if the venue knows they are playing, they will allow for this and keep the appropriate room free at the right time.

6) Book a sound check

When you book your band, make sure you have asked them to come and do a sound check first. The last thing you want during your wedding reception is to be sat listening to the screech of a musician tuning his guitar and setting up the amplifiers.

Hiring a live band is a great way to make sure the entrainment at your wedding reflects your personal tastes. It will also create a great atmosphere on your big day too. By following these tips, the entertainment for your wedding should run smoothly and be enjoyed by both you and your guests.

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